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The Washington Post – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Above,’ in verse OER
‘Dig in!’ EAT
‘Let’s Make a __’ DEAL
‘Planet of the __’ APES
‘Tell your friends’ PASSITON
‘Was I premature?’ TOOSOON
‘Who Let the Dogs Out?’ one-hit wonder BAHAMEN
‘__ have a clue’ IDONT
1970s-’80s fashion inspired by astronauts’ footwear MOONBOOTS
1990s cartoon series featuring a classic 8-Down dog GOOFTROOP
1993 Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee Arthur ASHE
Big name in water filtration BRITA
Born, in alumni newsletters NEE
Carpenter’s file RASP
Carry with effort HAUL
Citrus-flavored diet drink FRESCA
City near Naples SALERNO
Coke or Pepsi SODA
Colored eye part IRIS
Conical home TEPEE
Corner PC key ESC
Dashing style PANACHE
Donkey’s cry BRAY
Donkeys ASSES
Dorm room decoration POSTER
DVD holder CASE
Ewes’ guys RAMS
Final result UPSHOT
First blank on many forms NAME
Fisherman’s soup fish CARP
Fly high SOAR
FĂștbol cheer OLE
Gardener’s bagful SOIL
Glee club voice ALTO
H.S. exam for college hopefuls SAT
Hair care tool COMB
Hauled to the shop TOWED
Heavenly spheres ORBS
Home-wrecking insects TERMITES
Clues Answers
Humped beast CAMEL
Like easy, well-paying jobs CUSHY
Like Frosted Flakes’ coating SUGARY
Look steadily (at) STARE
Mickey Mouse creator DISNEY
Moises of the 2007-’08 Mets ALOU
Most sour TARTEST
NASA explorers PROBES
Necklace pellet BEAD
Neckwear named for a British racecourse ASCOT
PC manual reader USER
Play some b-ball SHOOTHOOPS
Prickly flowers ROSES
Real mystery ENIGMA
Rebound, like sound ECHO
Regatta markers BUOYS
Responsibility ONUS
Senate staffers AIDES
Sense of self EGO
Series installment EPISODE
Sheep cry BAA
Shoppe sign adjective OLDE
Short skirt MINI
Single ONE
Souped-up vehicle HOTROD
Stick on, as a label AFFIX
Teacher’s domain SCHOOLROOM
Terse CURT
The ‘a’ sound in ‘above’ SCHWA
Thorns in one’s side PESTS
Traditional 15th anniversary gift CRYSTAL
Trebek of ‘Jeopardy!’ ALEX
Urban pollution SMOG
Vietnamese soup PHO
Witness’ promise OATH
Wrinkly citrus fruit UGLI
__ Grande RIO
__ mater ALMA
__ Speedwagon REO