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The Washington Post – Jul 2 2018

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Clues Answers
’80s-’90s TV legal drama LALAW
‘What a pain!’ YEESH
7-Eleven frozen treat SLURPEE
Abundant COPIOUS
Acht und eins NEUN
Alarm clock toggle AMPM
Ancient Mexican AZTEC
Anthem contraction OER
Apparel GARB
Arrive in a car ROLLUP
Author __ Neale Hurston ZORA
Authority SAYSO
Ballerina Shearer MOIRA
Booby or loon BIRD
Bricklayer MASON
Building additions ELLS
Charged particle ION
Common movie theater name meaning ‘jewel’ BIJOU
Conger catcher EELER
Cupid counterpart EROS
Do dinner and a movie, say GOOUT
Explosive tryout, briefly NTEST
First lady before Abigail MARTHA
Foil giant ALCOA
Furry sitcom ET ALF
Give support to BACK
Good moneymaker CASHCOW
Good retail deals … and what the three other longest answers literally exhibit PRICEBREAKS
Grandmaster’s game CHESS
Hector, to Achilles FOE
Him, in Le Havre LUI
Home for pet fish AQUARIUM
Honeybunch SWEETIE
Honolulu’s island OAHU
Hot dog holder BUN
L-o-o-n-g time EON
Least becoming UGLIEST
Library attention-getter PSST
Long exam answer ESSAY
Clues Answers
Luau strings UKES
Mauna __ LOA
Mod or nod suffix ULE
Modeling wood BALSA
Nectar that’s high in fiber PRUNEJUICE
New Haven Ivy Leaguer ELI
Nom de plume ALIAS
Notable achievement FEAT
Now or long lead-in ERE
Once, quaintly ERST
One-way marker ARROW
Pas’ partners MAS
Pearly whites TEETH
Pre-Easter fast LENT
Public relations arm PRESSOFFICE
Put in a hold LADE
Put together from the ground up BUILT
Riles up IRES
River transports RAFTS
Roast host EMCEE
Sandwich cookie OREO
Skin care name ESTEE
Slalom shape ESS
Smooth transition in conversation SEGUE
Spirited horses ARABS
Steamed breakfast cereal PUFFEDRICE
Sugar crop CANE
Terse resignation IQUIT
Test versions BETAS
The Emerald Isle EIRE
Tucked away ATE
Up in the air ALOFT
Venezuela-to-Chile range ANDES
Video replay user REF
Wedding cake section TIER
[not my mistake] SIC
__-per-view PAY