The Washington Post – Jul 30 2018

Clues Answers
‘Fringe on top’ carriage of song SURREY
‘Spider-Man’ trilogy director Sam RAIMI
‘That’ll be enough’ NOMORE
‘__ la Douce’ IRMA
‘__ to Billie Joe’ ODE
*ATM user’s code PINNUMBER
*Business known for overcharging, in slang CLIPJOINT
*Contact sport on skates ROLLERDERBY
*Forest threat BRUSHFIRE
Actress Lucy LIU
Almond __: candy ROCA
Ascribe (to) IMPUTE
Barbecued piece RIB
Beat decisively DRUB
Bush 43 successor OBAMA
Cake pan trademark BUNDT
Civil wrong TORT
Classic colorful candies MANDMS
Coax (out), as a genie RUB
Coll. term SEM
Crosses (out) XES
Deli bread RYE
Diameter halves RADII
Director Lee ANG
Elba of ‘The Wire’ IDRIS
Elizabeth Warren or Lisa Murkowski, e.g WOMAN
Elizabeth Warren or Lisa Murkowski, e.g SENATOR
Exec’s aircraft LEARJET
Fearful AFRAID
Feel sick AIL
Garlicky sauce AIOLI
Get control of REININ
GI’s internet suffix MIL
Golden State wine region NAPA
Grand Canyon critter BURRO
Grand Ole __ OPRY
Heredity units GENES
High-80s grade BPLUS
Clues Answers
Hitting bottom, spirits-wise ATALOW
Hospital supply SERUM
Ice skater’s jump AXEL
In __: as placed SITU
Incoming flight info ETA
Internet address URL
It usually shows AK and HI as insets USMAP
Lake near Reno TAHOE
Lambs’ moms EWES
Lightning-to-thunder interval, e.g TIMELAG
Make less difficult EASE
Mystery writer Gardner ERLE
Naval rank: Abbr ENS
Needs to be submitted by, as a term paper ISDUE
Newspapers, collectively PRESS
Not nice at all MEAN
Ones who may stop to help PASSERSBY
Permanent place … and where to find the starts of the answers to starred clues HAIRSALON
Peru airport abbr LIM
Play with Iago OTHELLO
Puncture prefix ACU
Refusals NOS
Research funding sources GRANTS
Sch. east of Hartford UCONN
Sch. near the Rio Grande UTEP
Shock jock Imus DON
Start of Act II, say SCENEI
Subordinate to UNDER
Suffix with hero INE
Sun emanation responsible for the northern lights SOLARWIND
Taper off ABATE
Taste of a drink SIP
Tax form org IRS
Thurman of movies UMA
Title for Godiva LADY
U.S. Army award DSM
Year in France ANNEE

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