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The Washington Post – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
’60s Van Dyke co-star MOORE
‘Baseball Tonight’ network ESPN
‘Born Free’ lioness ELSA
‘Bus Stop’ playwright INGE
‘Goldberg Variations’ composer BACH
‘Let’s get crackin’!’ CMON
‘Quo __’: 1951 film VADIS
‘The Ghost of Frankenstein’ role YGOR
‘__ the loneliest number’ ONEIS
1986 Starship chart-topper SARA
2017 Basketball Hall of Fame inductee Rebecca __ LOBO
Abandon, as a plan SCRAP
Actor in ‘Going in Style’ CAINE
African threat TSETSE
Ageless pitcher Satchel PAIGE
Ale vessel CASK
Antique tool hung on some pub walls ENGLISHSCYTHE
Argued, as a case PLED
Asian peninsula SINAI
Balance sheet item ASSET
Balcony barrier PARAPET
Blind parts SLATS
Blue Grotto isle CAPRI
Breakfast in a box CEREAL
Button alternative SNAP
Capital near the Great Divide HELENA
Central courtyards ATRIA
Charles of R&B RAY
Clark of DC Comics KENT
Come to the surface ARISE
Corn Belt sight SILO
Court event TRIAL
Criticize harshly BASH
Daily bigwig EDITOR
Deep space ABYSS
Desolate STARK
Dig it HOLE
Dome opening? ASTRO
Doo-wop syllable SHA
Energy restoration source NAP
Entertainment icons ROCKSTARS
Factory platform SKID
Farm units ACRES
Feeling that may remind you of food PANG
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
Fix, as laces RETIE
For example SAY
Fruit cocktail fruit PEAR
Full moon and terrible twos PHASES
Generic Guy in ‘Dilbert’ TED
Geology, for one EARTHSCIENCE
Golf club spec LOFT
Gooey stuff GEL
H.S. exams PSATS
Hamilton’s prov ONT
Hang loosely DRAPE
Have an objection MIND
High hair style POUF
High school outbreak ACNE
Home in the woods LAIR
In some pain ACHY
Indoor design DECOR
Investor’s concern YIELD
Italian ball game BOCCE
Kate’s TV mate ALLIE
Keyed up HYPER
Landscaper’s supply SOD
Leaky tire sound SSS
Legendary island ATLANTIS
Clues Answers
Letters before F? TGI
Like items in potpourri: Abbr ASSTD
Lily’s ‘Grace and Frankie’ co-star JANE
Literary captain AHAB
Little cut SNIP
Little rows TIFFS
Matisse at an easel HENRI
Med. school class ANAT
Memoir featuring Ike ITINA
Mine car TRAM
MLB’s Angels, in sportscasts HALOS
Moon goddess SELENE
Musical based on ‘Madama Butterfly’ MISSSAIGON
Name synonymous with synonyms ROGET
Nike competitor FILA
O’er and o’er OFT
Obfuscates FOGS
On __: hot AROLL
One of Chekhov’s ‘Three Sisters’ OLGA
Ordinal suffix ETH
Overhead expense? ROOF
Pads in trees NESTS
Pep squad syllables RAHS
Plops down PARKSIT
Point of view ASPECT
Potter’s supply CLAY
Pulled without warning JERKED
Quarantines ISOLATES
Queen of France REINE
Rain and snow WEATHER
Reason for an R rating VIOLENCE
Refrain syllable TRA
Requirement for many returns RECEIPT
Result of too much speed, perhaps TRAFFICCITATION
Retired slugger, familiarly AROD
Reznor of Nine Inch Nails TRENT
Santa __ Valley: California wine region YNEZ
Scacchi of cinema GRETA
See 83-Across ALI
Seldom seen RARE
Sharpening tool STROP
Signs a new lease for RERENTS
Simple semiconductor DIODE
Slanted columns OPEDS
Sore throat sign RASP
Span before a spin RINSECYCLE
Spares for Venus RACKETS
Sports WEARS
Spring bloomers CROCI
Stand out in a field EXCEL
Start of a sad tale ALAS
Storybook bear PAPA
Support for a proposal KNEE
Swindle, in slang HOSE
The Zugspitze, e.g ALP
Theater and dance ARTS
Therapeutic specialty CHILDPSYCHOLOGY
Things to worry about WOES
Ticks off IRES
Tot’s transport TRIKE
Update equipment, in a way RETROFIT
Watch cover CRYSTAL
Will beneficiaries HEIRESSES
With 40-Across, boxer with a 24-0 lifetime record LAILA
Women’s magazine since 1939 GLAMOUR
Wye follower, in Wye ZED
Yuletide NOEL
__ fly: RBI producer SAC
__ golf DISC
__ Sketch ETCHA