The Washington Post – Jun 18 2018

Clues Answers
‘Aladdin’ monkey ABU
‘George of the Jungle’ elephant SHEP
‘Gorillas in the Mist’ author DIANFOSSEY
‘I wannit!’ GIMME
‘If I Ruled the World’ rapper NAS
‘See ya!’ TATA
‘You convinced me’ IAGREE
‘Young Frankenstein’ role INGA
‘__ Fiction’: 1994 Tarantino film PULP
‘__ on the dotted line’ SIGN
*Indiana university PURDUE
*Raucous party SHINDIG
*Thin metallic layer PLATING
*Uniform top JERSEY
66, for one: Abbr RTE
Alabama march city SELMA
Bacchanalian revelries ORGIES
Barbershop singer BASS
Baseballers Kaline and Rosen ALS
Beer purchase CASE
Book of maps ATLAS
Caesar’s cover-up TOGA
Caesar’s surprised words ETTU
Cézanne’s summers ETES
Chinese watercraft SAMPAN
Choice from a tap, for short IPA
Church area behind an altar APSE
Classic theater name ROXY
Close to ABOUT
County near London ESSEX
Crisis telephone HOTLINE
Cross paths MEET
Discussion platforms FORUMS
Employed full time ONSTAFF
Fruit served in balls MELON
Head Stooge MOE
Clues Answers
Home of the NBA’s Heat MIAMI
IHOP’s ‘I,’ originally: Abbr INTL
In a crowd of AMONG
Israel’s Abba EBAN
Marriott alternative HYATT
Meat safety org USDA
Mine, in France AMOI
Museum filler ART
Native Rwandan HUTU
On the wall, as art HUNG
One starts, ‘The Lord is my shepherd’ PSALM
One working at home? UMP
Pacific cyclone TYPHOON
Part of DOS: Abbr SYST
Pig-tailed Muppet BETTYLOU
Potato chip, to Mr. Chips CRISP
Relaxing, as restrictions EASINGUP
Sanctify with oil ANOINT
Shelter resident POOCH
Shoot out EMIT
Sick ILL
Some Halloween figures HAGS
Spring onslaught at the IRS TAXRETURNS
Subject for 30-Down APE
Surrenders formally CEDES
Trojan War epic ILIAD
U. of Maryland team TERPS
U2 frontman BONO
Unlike new clothes WORN
Vermouth name ROSSI
Vet school subj ANAT
Water vapor STEAM
Way, way off AFAR
What’s left when you remove the first and last letters of the answers to starred clues FOREIGNLANGUAGE
Yearly records ANNALS
Yesterday’s hit OLDIE

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