The Washington Post – Jun 22 2018

Clues Answers
’60s pop group BEATLES
‘Not guilty,’ e.g DENIAL
‘Really?’ YOUDO
*Bath toy RUBBER
*Charmed one LUCKY
*Classic Chinese dish PEKING
*Defeated incumbent LAME
*Fictional uncle of triplets DONALD
*Goner DEAD
*Sparkling wine COLD
*Toon with a speech problem DAFFY
2010s Colts head coach Chuck PAGANO
Adjective in some diet ads FATBUSTING
Always, in 21-Across EER
Apply carefully DAB
Blue SAD
Bread’s ‘Baby __ Want You’ IMA
Broadway producer’s desire LONGRUN
Browning works SONNETS
CBS maritime drama NCIS
Celtic __ KNOT
Chemical suffix ENE
Cordoned (off) ROPED
Cornfield calls CAWS
Critter ANIMAL
Darlings DEARS
Debussy subject LUNE
Driving hazard GLARE
Either of two Monopoly sqs UTIL
Fillmore’s party WHIG
Finishes (up) SEWS
Fit to __ ATEE
Former ‘Idol’ judge ABDUL
Former owner EBAY
Free-for-all situation NORULES
German article DER
Give due respect DIGNIFY
Hathaway’s ‘The Intern’ co-star DENIRO
Historic Nevada city ELY
Hockey’s Phil, to fans ESPO
Clues Answers
Holiday guests, often KIN
Home security giant ADT
Hyundai sedan SONATA
Iberian Peninsula city PORTO
Intention AIM
Just issued, in Innsbruck NEU
Lawgivers SOLONS
Like boxers CANINE
Lowered oneself? KNELT
Martinique, e.g ILE
Merit badge site SASH
Mock conclusion? ERY
Nasty MEAN
Natural resources ORES
Notions case ETUI
Org. led by Jens Stoltenberg NATO
Overdoes it, with ‘out’ PIGS
Parrilla of ‘Once Upon a Time’ LANA
Pet bird’s home CANARYCAGE
Pizzeria jarful OREGANO
Placed LAIN
Places for notes PADS
Region AREA
Scrapbooker’s supply PASTE
Second start? NANO
See 59-Across INAROW
Self-images EGOS
Son of 73-Across ENOS
Son of Eve SETH
Sushi roll fish EEL
Swung about SLUED
Take into account REMEMBER
Tide table term NEAP
Trendy berry ACAI
Tres y cinco OCHO
Was first LED
With 69-Across, organizational process implied by eight answers in this puzzle GETTINGONESDUCKS
Without a key ATONAL
[Yikes!] GULP
__-wip REDDI

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