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The Washington Post – Jun 3 2018

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Clues Answers
”Sup, Juan?’ QUEPASA
‘Kidnapped’ monogram RLS
‘Mad Men’ network AMC
‘Order up!’ callers COOKS
‘Round __ virgin … ‘ YON
‘The Fantasticks’ narrator whose name translates to ‘The Rooster’ ELGALLO
‘The first thing you must know … ‘ RULEONE
‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ airer HULU
‘You __ on My Mind’: 1965 hit WERE
‘__ grown’ YOUVE
2012 Best Picture ARGO
Altar promise IDO
Aptly named Renault LECAR
Atlantic resort city RIO
Atypical ODD
Baking staple SUGAR
Ballet attire TUTUS
Ballet bend PLIE
Bluesy Redding OTIS
Bounce ECHO
Bowling unit FRAME
Brand for pain ALEVE
Cal. column THU
Canadian tank fillers ESSO
Castmate of Alda and Swit FARR
Celestial bear URSA
City on the Orne CAEN
Clever maneuver COUP
Closely watched bars INGOTS
Common HMO requirement REFERRAL
Complaint BEEF
Computer’s abundance MEMORY
Conger catcher EELER
Country suffix STAN
Dark ale expert? PORTERAUTHORITY
Dawn-of-mammals epoch EOCENE
Destined (to) MEANT
Diminish slowly FADE
Distress ANGUISH
Dive at the governor’s mansion pool? CAPITALGAINER
Dollhouse porch chair? LITTLEROCKER
Door sign PUSH
Dover’s st DEL
DuPont acrylic ORLON
Eats into ERODES
Enterprise helmsman MRSULU
Enterprise offering RENTAL
Extended family CLAN
Fair-haired sci-fi race ELOI
Farming prefix AGRI
Fearless Fosdick’s creator ALCAPP
Ferrara family name ESTE
Finalizes, with ‘up’ SEWS
French possessive SES
Fresh __ AIR
Garments with hooks BRAS
Germane APT
Gives rise to YIELDS
Gless of ‘Cagney & Lacey’ SHARON
Glide on blades SKATE
Greener Living org EPA
Greet warmly SMILEAT
Ham it up EMOTE
Hi-__ image RES
Highly regarded speakers BOSE
Hilarious type RIOT
Holiday hire TEMP
Hot time STREAK
Clues Answers
Immobile ATREST
Kanga’s kid ROO
Keats subject URN
Kilmer’s famous last words? ATREE
Kindle download APP
Kiss in the rink? HOCKEYPUCKER
Lackadaisical soccer shot? SLEEPYHEADER
Lewis lion ASLAN
Libya neighbor CHAD
Like eyes ‘you can’t hide,’ in an Eagles hit LYIN
Like rainy London skies GREY
Lunchbox staple, casually PBJ
Marine predator ORCA
Metals industry acronym ALCOA
Metro regions URBS
Mother of Joseph RACHEL
Mound meas ERA
Name of two 134-Acrosses JOHNPAUL
Near the hour TENTO
New York City suburb on the Hudson NYACK
News agcy UPI
No and Phil DRS
Ocular cleaning brand RENU
Ode preposition ERE
Old West brothers EARPS
Olive not found in martinis OYL
One in a newsstand stack PAPER
Orange Free State settler BOER
Order in the court SUBPOENA
Outer __ SPACE
Pennsylvania’s __ Mountains POCONO
Perfumery compound ACETAL
Perry who created Madea TYLER
Picked do AFRO
Playoffs privilege BYE
Pool unit ONELAP
Portuguese king REI
Prime minister after Begin SHAMIR
Proposed explanation for oversize British sausage? BIGBANGERTHEORY
Quantum events? LEAPS
Quiet time LULL
Rap sheet list PRIORS
Rats relative? BAH
Reason for an R GORE
Recipe words STIRIN
Reducing big-time SLASHING
Religious leader POPE
Rev (up) AMP
Saskatoon-to-Winnipeg dir ESE
Scotland, in Scottish Gaelic ALBA
Screwballs hanging out at the end of the block? CORNERFLAKES
Self-serve fast-food item SODA
Slate, for one EMAG
Sneaky laugh HEH
Spanish hillsides CUESTAS
Stack PILE
Stigmatic fictional symbol REDA
Strange OUTRE
Strict observer PURIST
Summer time? DISCOERA
Texter’s ‘Need a short break’ BRB
They may clash on the lot EGOS
Turn back REPEL
TV’s Mrs. Peel RIGG
U.K. governing body PARL
U.K. military award DSO
Vital conduits AORTAS
What bait does LURES
Wild Blue Yonder seller since 2003 CRAYOLA
Wire intrusion TAP
Zagros Mountains country IRAQ
__-tip: beef cut TRI