The Washington Post – Jun 7 2018

Clues Answers
‘Hop __’: Dr. Seuss book ONPOP
‘Sick burn!’ OHSNAP
‘__ One Will Listen’: Kelly Clarkson song IFNO
Actor Estevez EMILIO
Adjust one’s sights REAIM
Admonish REPROVE
Allow to use LEND
Ancient Persian MEDE
Army outfit UNIT
Assurance on certain menus NOMSG
Bay of Naples isle CAPRI
Beer mug with a hinged lid SEIDEL
Believability, briefly CRED
Black, in verse EBON
Bone at the base of the spine SACRUM
Bryn __ College MAWR
Brynner of ‘The Ten Commandments’ YUL
Butter or lard FAT
Campus mil. group ROTC
Captain hanged for piracy KIDD
Citrus cuttings ZESTS
Cork locale EIRE
Crafter’s website ETSY
Day in Dijon JOUR
Device that builds six-packs? ABTONER
Disheveled MUSSY
Editorial mark DELE
Email folder SPAM
Eponymous brewer Bernhard STROH
First name in scat ELLA
Flaky minerals MICAS
Footless creature APOD
Full deck in old Rome? LII
Glory (in) REVEL
Hot __ ROD
How the things in the circled letters go AROUNDANDAROUND
It may be heard on the street HORN

Clues Answers
Jumps to conclusions ASSUMES
Letters after Sen. Schumer’s name DNY
Like some sports contract clauses NOTRADE
Ltr. addenda PSS
Maximally moist DEWIEST
Nail polish layer COAT
Name prefix for ‘son of’ MAC
Not engaged IDLE
Not suitable UNAPT
Notable time ERA
Numerical relationship RATIO
Often-abbreviated Latin phrase IDEST
Paris article LES
Pond plant REED
Powerful shark MAKO
Put in order ORGANIZED
Quality that affects taste SAPOR
Red pool ball THREE
Settled REPAID
Snorkeling spots ATOLLS
Southernmost of the 48 sts FLA
Sprinkle with hair, cat-style SHEDON
Stand during a lecture DAIS
Star name meaning ‘she-goat’ in Latin CAPELLA
Takes full responsibility OWNSIT
Teaser PROMO
Top medalla ORO
U.N. chief after Boutros KOFI
URL intro HTTP
Uzbek neighbor TAJIK
Vicinity AREA
Weather-changing currents ELNINOS
When repeated including ‘a,’ fighting term MANO
Withdraw gradually WEAN
Young salmon SMOLT
[Shrug] MEH
__ 180: skateboarding trick OLLIE

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