The Washington Post – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
‘Cross my heart!’ ISWEAR
‘Darned if I know’ NOIDEA
‘How pathetic!’ SOLAME
‘Later, dude’ PEACE
‘Tree of Smoke’ novelist Johnson DENIS
Actor Stephen REA
Airport limo driver’s concern, briefly ETA
Appreciative text THX
Award show VIP EMCEE
Bus. card address URL
Business letters LLC
Call in a pool game MARCO
Certain investor … and, based on the word hidden in each, what 17-, 26-, 37- or 50-Across is? STOCKHOLDER
Christopher A. Wray’s org FBI
Cool drink ADE
Course without much challenge EASYA
Court org ABA
Croquet surfaces LAWNS
Decent sort MENSCH
Dual-purpose machine WASHERDRYER
End of the end of ‘Gone With the Wind’ ANOTHERDAY
Facebook entry POST
Fashion magazine INSTYLE
Fizzy prefix AER
Flash of light GLEAM
Flow slowly SEEP
Four-door ride, usually SEDAN
Haas of ‘Witness’ LUKAS
In-house trial TESTRUN
Jazz pianist Chick COREA
Like 2017 ODD
Like R.L. Stine stories SCARY
Like some revealing slips? FREUDIAN
Lose it, in a way WEEP
Clues Answers
Manhattan liquor RYE
Name associated with alpine rescues BERNARD
Neurotic cartoon dog REN
One in the woods? BABE
Outfits TOGS
Personification AVATAR
Place to order matzo ball soup KOSHERDELI
Pungent condiment WASABI
Requests ASKSFOR
Rock concert effect FOG
Roundish OVATE
Scrawny GAUNT
Serious state of decline LOWEBB
Shut the door on EXCLUDE
Socialite adopted by the media ITGIRL
Some designer gowns DIORS
Suffix suggesting resemblance ISH
Sushi fish AHI
Take the wheel STEER
Tango land: Abbr ARG
Tempestuous STORMY
Tokyo-born artist ONO
Trauma ctrs ERS
Trilogy starter BOOKONE
Until now ASYET
Vacuum attachments HOSES
Vishnu worshiper HINDU
Walmart rival TARGET
Water filter brand BRITA
Word with cell or cent RED
Words of urgency IMUST
Words to a traitor ETTU
WWII battle site, for short IWO
Yarn coil SKEIN
__ degree NTH
__ hall REC

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