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The Washington Post – March 1 2019

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Clues Answers
‘All in the Family’ spinoff MAUDE
‘Give me __ and nothing but’: Tom Lehrer lyric SMUT
‘Rebel Without a Cause’ actor MINEO
‘Star Wars’ hero LUKE
‘__ about time!’ ITS
1492 sailer PINTA
Acknowledge NOTE
Actor LeBlanc MATT
Addition at the palace? QUEENANNEX
Alluring SEXY
Arcade trademark word SKEE
At any time EVER
Ballet move JETE
Beethoven dedicatee ELISE
Big name in the cookie aisle OREO
Brainpower SMARTS
Bullring bravos OLES
Castle ROOK
Change in China? ASIANFLUX
Church service MASS
College Park Big Ten athlete TERP
Countertop material MICA
Creator of Perry and Della ERLE
Cutlass, e.g OLDS
Dallas NBAer MAV
Disreputable SHADY
Dot on a globe, perhaps ISLE
Egbert __, aptly named W.C. Fields character SOUSE
Fall back LAG
Felicity’s ‘Desperate Housewives’ role LYNETTE
Gasses up REFUELS
Go after, in a way SUE
Inbox message EMAIL
Intangible quality responsible for four puzzle answers XFACTOR
It includes reds WINELIST
Jimi Hendrix classic FOXYLADY
Clues Answers
Keats or Yeats POET
Kitchen topper TOQUE
Lively dance JIG
Lodging provider INN
Magazine contents AMMO
Massages RUBS
Missing watch? LOSTTIMEX
Mixed martial artist Ronda ROUSEY
Mole in the cat food factory? INSIDEMANX
Nick at __ NITE
Nimrod DOLT
Passports, e.g IDS
PC addresses URLS
Point in the right direction ORIENT
Potsdam ‘please’ BITTE
Prepare, as garlic MINCE
Pringles alternative STAX
Reason for road service FLATTIRE
Release violently ERUPT
Rip verbally TEARINTO
Sense FEEL
Shortstop alongside Robinson REESE
Sierra __ MADRE
Small meal BITE
Smarten (up) SPIFF
Social gathering MIXER
Somme summer ETE
Sunset obscurer HAZE
Surprising and sometimes annoying success UPSTART
Trap fluff LINT
University of Wyoming city LARAMIE
Velocity, e.g RATE
Weapon in some action flicks UZI
Winter coat SNOW
Woodwind musician’s piece REED
Youngster of an awkward age TWEEN
__ Pete: hot sauce brand TEXAS