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The Washington Post – May 11 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Goodbye, Mr. Chips’ (1969) star OTOOLE
‘Hamilton’ creator __-Manuel Miranda LIN
‘Humph!’ BAH
‘I’ll be waiting to hear from you’ LETMEKNOW
‘Luther’ star IDRISELBA
‘On the Media’ medium RADIO
‘Pieces of Me’ singer Simpson ASHLEE
‘U R 2 funny!’ LOL
‘We’ll Meet Again’ host Curry ANN
1993 Literature Nobelist Morrison TONI
Ancient Aegean region IONIA
Black hair, e.g TRAIT
Bonn article EINE
Cancel, in a way ABORT
Celebratory work ODE
Circus reaction AWE
Colorful tank addition TETRA
Cow, for one SHE
Cy Young Award stat ERA
Deli pockets PITAS
Deserves EARNS
Documentarian Burns KEN
Dried fish used in brandade SALTCOD
Errant golf shot, usually HOOK
Food fight noise SPLAT
For fun, with ‘on’ ALARK
Forbidden TABOO
Give a seat to ELECT
Golf club part TOE
Hitchcock classic set in San Francisco VERTIGO
Island ring … or, in three parts, a hint to 18-, 32-, 44- and 59-Across ATOLL
Lacy table mat DOILY
Laid-back cats and dogs? CHILLPETS
Largest of the Mariana Islands GUAM
Law school subject TORTS
Layered ice cream SPUMONI
Like ghost towns DESOLATE
Mandel of ‘Deal or No Deal’ HOWIE

Clues Answers
Michelangelo carved it from a single slab of marble PIETA
Move on a lake OAR
Name associated with the Gateway Arch EERO
Next in line HEIR
October Revolution leader TROTSKY
Older PC screens CRTS
One with an easy life RILEY
Play with a ghost HAMLET
Polish target NAIL
Polite address MAAM
Premier League powerhouse ARSENAL
Raised building? BARN
Refines, as ore SMELTS
Revealing sweat remover at the poker table? TELLTOWEL
Saltimbocca meat VEAL
Sault __ Marie STE
Sgt.’s superiors LTS
Sinatra standard MYWAY
Sliding runner SKI
Sounds of contentment AHS
Spilled the beans TOLD
Spiral-horned creature ELAND
Spread served in concave pasta? SHELLBUTTER
Start to pace, say GETANTSY
Statuette site NICHE
Stood ROSE
Street cover TAR
Suit to __ ATEE
Sushi bar appetizer EDAMAME
Taberna tidbit TAPA
Taproom array ALES
Teased RODE
Tool with teeth SAW
Urban Dictionary focus SLANG
What Royal Caribbean reps do? SELLCRUISES
Word of welcome ALOHA
Wrinkle-resistant fabric ORLON