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The Washington Post – May 3 2018

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Clues Answers
‘And __ thing … ‘ ANOTHER
‘The Wind in the Willows’ figure MOLE
‘Very nice!’ COOL
‘__ your side’ IMON
Any number ONEORMORE
Area around the altar CHANCEL
Asian appetizer EGGROLL
Bent (over) HUNCHED
Big name in ATMs NCR
Billiards concern ANGLE
Book before Esth NEH
Braggart’s abundance EGO
Brightened CHEERED
Cause of a paper weight increase ADS
Cholesterol nos LDLS
Cleaning tool SWAB
Crime movie genre NOIR
Density symbol, in physics RHO
Developing, biologically INUTERO
Director with three Oscars LEE
Diva Gluck ALMA
Dust Bowl deficiency RAIN
Egret habitats MARSHES
Facebook __ FRIEND
Fish that sound good in Spanish BONITOS
Fronded plant FERN
Half of a call-and-response game MARCO
Hard to control EELY
Harley-Davidson Museum city MILWAUKEE
Hats like Maurice Chevalier’s BOATERS
Head for the hills RUN
Hessian pronoun ICH
Ice cream features found, in a way, in this puzzle’s circles CHOCOLATESWIRLS
Intestinal ENTERIC
Jazz singer Laine CLEO

Clues Answers
Liberty __ BELL
Like bodybuilders BUFF
Like many laps SWUM
Literary award with a spaceship logo HUGO
Name on a museum wall DONOR
Natural analog of sonar BATECHOLOCATION
New Mexico county bordering Colorado TAOS
Nothing new OLDHAT
Old General Motors model CHEVROLETCOACH
Ones who have class? Schoolteachers
Phantasy Star game maker SEGA
Pitcher Young and painter Twombly CYS
Presently ANON
Presidential nickname IKE
Punk rock subgenre EMO
Remote control abbr VOL
Right at sea? AYE
River through Florence ARNO
Schism group SECT
Scrip items MEDS
SDI weapon ABM
Small cube? EIGHT
Spanish ‘that’ ESA
Sugar source BEET
The best policy, so it’s said HONESTY
They know the ropes PROS
Toyota RAV4, e.g UTE
Tries for a better price HAGGLES
Troublesome types IMPS
VW Golf model GTI
Wasn’t used SAT
Welsh : llyn :: Scots : __ LOCH
When some news shows begin ATTEN
Whopper LULU
WWII invasion city STLO