The Washington Post – Oct 12 2018

Clues Answers
’60 Minutes’ network CBS
‘Amores’ poet OVID
‘Silent Spring’ subj DDT
‘Ta-ta!’ SEEYA
‘That being the case … ‘ IFSO
‘That’s disgusting!’ UGH
‘The Well-Tempered Clavier’ composer BACH
‘Toy Story’ dinosaur REX
1974 CIA spoof SPYS
Airer of many NCAA games ESPN
Apple on a desk IMAC
Bar by the tub BATHSOAP
Ben of Ben & Jerry’s COHEN
Biblical traveler ARK
Blues great Smith BESSIE
Butler on a plantation RHETT
Consumer-friendly? EDIBLE
Cornered, in a way TREED
Creator of Iceland’s Imagine Peace Tower ONO
Dance that may involve a chair HORA
DJ’s inventory CDS
Do some ’80s Sochi sunbathing? BASKINTHEUSSR
Does a ragtime dance SHIMMIES
Eggs-uberant hen? BRISKLAYER
Eponymous vacuum brand ORECK
Farm stray DOGIE
Final flight destinations? ATTICS
Fired up STOKED
Former SeaWorld attraction SHAMU
Georgetown athletes HOYAS
Has in common OVERLAPS
Hedge opening YESBUT
Hitchhiking and texting? THUMBTASKS
If truth be told ACTUALLY
In the __ of MIDST
Include ADD
Increase the value of ENRICH
Kaput SHOT
Kitchen shelf array HERBS
Lacking color WAN
Letters after E? COLI
Like Colbert’s show ONLATE
Like maple trees and pigeons? SAPPY
Like used books READ
Line through the middle DIAMETER
Loon, at times? DUSKCALLER
Musical ending CODA
Not up to snuff SUBPAR
One slightly changed this clue EDITOR
Only half-pretentious? CHI
Popular Toyotas COROLLAS
Pot top LID
Ready for the operation UNDER
Reasons WHYS
Rights org ACLU
Roofer’s supply TAR
Ruling descendants of Genghis KHANS
Scolder’s cluck TSK
Sect in Pennsylvania’s Lancaster County AMISH
Skeeter eater BAT
Storm shelter, say REFUGE
Strange (to) NEW
Summit APEX
Taking medication DOSING
The third Mrs. Roy Rogers DALE
Thing to confess SIN
Tick repellent DEET
Ties may be broken in them, briefly OTS
What young elephants do for fun? NIPANDTUSK
When repeated, fish on a menu MAHI
Word with ring or book WORM
__ Club SAMS
__ Xtra: cherry soda brand PIBB

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