The Washington Post – Oct 17 2018

Clues Answers
’60s sitcom portrayer of Cathy Lane and her ‘identical cousin’ PATTYDUKE
‘Dog Day Afternoon’ director Lumet SIDNEY
‘In that event … ‘ IFSO
‘Old’ old-fashioned sorts FOGEYS
‘The Simpsons’ storekeeper APU
‘You’re lying!’ in a playground ISNOT
1988 noir remake DOA
2005 reality show featuring Whitney Houston BEINGBOBBYBROWN
Announcer Hall EDD
Apple debut of 1998 IMAC
Arms of a starfish RAYS
Bangkok native THAI
Big name in denim LEVI
Bio class cost LABFEE
Central spot MIDST
Childish retort IDOSO
Chinese menu standard FRIEDRICE
Commit perjury to protect LIEFOR
Contemporary of Dashiell ERLE
Creeps-inducing EERIE
Cries of discovery OHOS
Crude model used for public ridicule EFFIGY
Cube creator RUBIK
Deepest level BOTTOM
Elicits EDUCES
Ewe, say SHE
Former Indian prime minister Gandhi INDIRA
French pronoun TOI
Ginger-ale-and-grenadine ‘cocktail’ SHIRLEYTEMPLE
Group of two DUAD
Impulse URGE
Jungle swingers APES
Kipling python KAA
Laudatory piece ODE
Leb. neighbor SYR
Like angry bees ASWARM
Like the vb. ‘be’ IRR
Little piggy TOE
Lock sites CANALS
Long sentence RUNON
Looks up to ESTEEMS
Malachite, e.g ORE
Many a microbrew ALE
Many a Monet OIL
McFlurry cookie OREO
Mdse GDS
Old name for Tokyo EDO
One in the middle of Knoxville? VEE
Over and above: Abbr SYNS
Permit LET
Peruvian capital? PEE
Places to perch ROOSTS
Platform for Siri IOS
Power co. product ELEC
Pro wrestling throw BODYSLAM
Protein-rich food TOFU
Recurring theme MOTIF
Red Sox star Betts MOOKIE
Santa __: Sonoma County seat ROSA
Shell out PAY
Show of rural respect YESM
Silvery little fish SMELT
Slow Churned ice cream brand EDYS
Spin, as a baton TWIRL
Start of a hymn OGOD
Team with the most Super Bowl victories STEELERS
Tearful WEEPY
Turn a midi into a mini, say REHEM
TV host Pennington and Hall of Famer Cobb TYS
War on Poverty org OEO
Website with business reviews YELP
Where social graces are taught, and what 17-, 23-, 38-, and 55-Across each has FINISHINGSCHOOL
Will Smith sci-fi series MIB
Wish undone RUE

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