The Washington Post – Oct 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Here’s my advice … ‘ IFIWEREYOU
‘I thought we were done’ YOUAGAIN
‘No more!’ STOPIT
‘Nurse Jackie’ Emmy winner EDIEFALCO
‘Our acts make or __ us’: Victor Hugo MAR
‘Pinocchio’ goldfish CLEO
‘Seriously?’ ITIS
‘The Night They Invented Champagne’ musical GIGI
‘Twilight’ author Stephenie MEYER
‘__ plaisir!’ AVEC
Addie’s husband in ‘As I Lay Dying’ ANSE
Auto fluid problems LEAKAGES
Braces (oneself) GIRDS
Compensate (for) ATONE
Curved sword, to Brits SABRE
Doesn’t keep ROTS
Elver, e.g EEL
Enjoys a course GOLFS
Experimental vehicle SELFDRIVINGCAR
Fee: Abbr CHG
First cloned mammal EWE
Food quality SAPOR
Go along AGREE
Hard-to-find items, to collectors RARES
Harmonious outfit ENSEMBLE
How some survivalists live OFFTHEGRID
In a happy place GLAD
Increased UPPED
It can tide you over NOSH
Legal barrier POLICETAPE
Like many donuts SUGARED
Makes a play for MOVESINON
Name derived from a Kyrgyz word meaning ‘sea of islands’ ARAL
Noël Coward, for one SIR
Often embarrassing outbreak ACNE
One from a penseur IDEE
Online reminders ENOTES
Out of control AMOK
Pasta __: food brand RONI
Patriotic nickname USOFA
Patronizes, with ‘at’ DINES
Protest where people do and don’t take a stand? LIEIN
Proverbial team feature? NOI
Quick to recover RESILIENT
Refusals NOES
Roger Goodell’s gp THENFL
Sees through GETSWISETO
Shaded HUED
Sparkle GLINT
Spotted SEEN
Start of many a puzzle ONEACROSS
Strong reaction RISE
Sydney’s st NSW
Tell __ story: elicit sympathy ASOB
Teller’s output YARN
Viewpoint, metaphorically LENS
What animals do in the wild RUNFREE
Where Zeno taught ELEA
Word from the Greek for ‘three-footed’ TRIPOD
Work out DEVISE
__ al-Khaimah: UAE emirate RAS
__ Fridays TGI
__ money MAD
__ route SCENIC
__ therapy GENE

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