The Washington Post – Oct 23 2018

Clues Answers
‘Burlesque’ co-star CHER
‘Gracias’ response DENADA
‘The Hobbit’ hero BILBO
‘The Mammoth Hunters’ author Jean AUEL
‘__ Fideles’: carol ADESTE
‘__ y Plata’: Montana motto ORO
A, in Augsburg EIN
Acquire GET
Author of eerie stories POE
Beer extraction gadget TAP
Being hauled to the garage INTOW
Big wheel, briefly VIP
Bit of talk show self-promotion PLUG
Blood bank supply SERUM
Bluffed-out words, perhaps IFOLD
British john LOO
Broadside accidents TBONECOLLISIONS
Building lot unit ACRE
Car care brand STP
College sports channel ESPNU
Colorist’s concern HUE
Common people HOIPOLLOI
Connection NEXUS
Controversial coal-extraction method STRIPMINING
Corrode, with ‘away’ EAT
Deli salmon LOX
Delivery MD OBGYN
Developmental insect stage LARVA
Dr. Jekyll creator’s monogram RLS
Dues-paying participant CLUBMEMBER
Eldest of the ‘Little Women’ MEG
European peak ALP
Film genre prefix with com ROM
First stage OUTSET
Format for some tournaments ROUNDROBIN
Hillary Clinton, nee __ RODHAM
Horace’s ‘__ Poetica’ ARS
Interminably NOEND
Isle of Arthurian legend AVALON
Lawn maintenance tools EDGERS
Light brown pear BOSC
Like the ‘funny bone’ nerve ULNAR
Low-scoring tie ONEONE
Luau accessory LEI
Macy’s section, e.g.: Abbr DEPT
Maker of Cajun Shrimp nail polish OPI
Meal suggested by the starts of four long answers STEAKDINNER
Music majors’ degs BAS
Never, in Nogales NUNCA
One of the archangels URIEL
Opal of the comics, to Earl Pickles WIFE
Ouzo flavoring ANISE
Philadelphia campus TEMPLE
Police rank: Abbr DET
Pot contents TEA
Poughkeepsie campus VASSAR
Put up with ABIDE
Raggedy doll ANN
Rather nasty SNIDE
Rough file RASP
Shankar on the sitar RAVI
Small stores SHOPS
Some ER cases ODS
Sooner St OKLA
Spanish lady DONA
Sport shown on TV Japan SUMO
Sundress features STRAPS
Symphonic stories TONEPOEMS
Upward trek CLIMB
Volkswagen family car PASSAT
Weight-training unit REP
Wine lover’s prefix OENO
Woodland deity SATYR
Words after work or sleep ONIT
Wreaked condition HAVOC
__-ray Disc BLU

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