The Washington Post – Oct 3 2018

Clues Answers
‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’ network CNN
‘Humble and Kind’ singer McGraw TIM
‘Now __ seen it all!’ IVE
‘Revolution From Within’ writer Gloria STEINEM
‘That wasn’t nice of you’ TSK
‘The creation of beauty is __’: Emerson ART
‘Well, __-di-dah!’ LAH
*Life of affluence EASYSTREET
*Magician’s riffled prop DECKOFCARDS
*Swimming option Sidestroke
1979 Hockey Hall of Fame inductee ORR
2018 Stanley Cup champs, familiarly CAPS
31-day month DECEMBER
Airport NW of LAX SFO
Athletic shoe SNEAKER
Bakery employee ICER
Ball holder TEE
Barnyard bleat BAA
Begrudge RESENT
Big nights EVES
Bridge call PASS
Butter square PAT
Common soccer score ONEONE
Complaint PEEVE
Cricket club BAT
Dander reaction, perhaps AHCHOO
Desert refuges OASES
Egged on URGED
Expo entry EXHIBIT
Fail big-time TANK
Falls back EBBS
Feathery accessory BOA
Island group that includes São Miguel AZORES
It might be rare STEAK
Italian Riviera resort SANREMO
Italian tenor Andrea BOCELLI
Jabber YAK
La Brea attraction TARPIT
LPGA golfer Nordqvist ANNA
Many miles FAR
Marine animals named for flowers ANEMONES
Marmalade morsels RINDS
Month after 17-Across, south of the border ENERO
Nabokov novel LOLITA
Nash who wrote ‘Parsley / Is gharsley’ OGDEN
Nincompoop BOZO
Nothing, in Quebec RIEN
Online icon AVATAR
Pack animal ASS
Party with a piñata FIESTA
Perches for tots, and what the answers to starred clues literally contain HIGHCHAIRS
Prof.’s degree PHD
Revolutionary icon CHE
Shakespearean bad guy IAGO
Show a real talent for EXCELAT
Spoil MAR
Strainers SIEVES
Surge protector? LEVEE
Swear (to) ATTEST
Tennis immortal Arthur ASHE
Texas ballplayer, to fans STRO
Tin alloys PEWTERS
Took the helm STEERED
Triple Crown winners HORSES
Video game rating TEEN
Went down SANK
Word with dating or skating SPEED
Yard tool HOE
Yearns (for) LONGS
__ nova BOSSA
__ scheme COLOR
__ the line TOEING
__-Cat: winter vehicle SNO

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