The Washington Post – Oct 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘Field of Dreams’ actor LIOTTA
‘Selma’ director DuVernay AVA
‘Stat!’ ASAP
‘The Waste Land’ monogram TSE
‘This Is Us’ role for Chrissy Metz KATE
‘__ Ben Adhem’ ABOU
60 minuti ORA
Abruptly end a relationship with by ignoring texts, calls and such GHOST
Accounting giant __ & Young ERNST
Alpine lake TARN
Ancient Peloponnesian state SPARTA
Angioplasty implant STENT
Bad review PAN
Bagel go-with LOX
Blood fluids SERA
Cabinet div DEPT
Casting calls TRYOUTS
Catch in a lie, say TRIPUP
Consumed EATEN
Cooperstown winter hrs EST
Courtyard that may feature glass elevators ATRIUM
Cy Young stats ERAS
Damascus native SYRIAN
European airline SAS
Fair-hiring initials EOE
Final: Abbr ULT
Finished DONE
Flightless bird EMU
Flower child’s greeting PEACE
German article DER
Gulf States inlet BAYOU
Hebrew for ‘day’ YOM
In need of guidance LOST
Jump over OMIT
Legally bar ESTOP
Like a delivery truck blocking your car, maybe … and a hint to 20-, 28- and 47-Across DOUBLEPARKED
Loan figs APRS
Micro or macro subj ECON
Mongolian desert GOBI
MPs’ concern AWOL
Nevertheless YET
Not in the dark AWARE
NutraSweet developer SEARLE
Octane Booster brand STP
One hiking in a Maine national park? ACADIAEXPLORER
One with no hope GONER
Org. for the Williams sisters WTA
Pinafore letters HMS
Pizazz OOMPH
Pod-bearing trees CAROBS
Prefix with match or fire MIS
Prickly shrub BRIAR
Prince Harry’s dukedom SUSSEX
R-V link STU
Rehab issue DTS
Says 22-Down, perhaps ERRS
Sees regularly DATES
Skins, as a knee SCRAPES
Small fruit pie TART
Some advanced college courses SEMINARS
Spotify category for courageous Motown lovers? INTREPIDSOUL
Steam IRE
Strolled AMBLED
Surrounded by AMID
Taking it easy ATREST
Track meet part EVENT
Traffic sound HORN
Uninspiring VAPID
Unwelcome word from a barber OOPS
Weekend in the Hamptons, say? SUBURBANESCAPE
Winds (one’s way) through THREADS
Without much detail VAGUELY
__ Bath & Beyond BED
__ corgi WELSH
__-dieu PRIE

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