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The Washington Post – Oct 7 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Hit the road!’ SCRAM
‘I can’t eat all this!’ ITSALOT
‘The Green Mile’ subj ESP
‘Whether __ nobler … ‘: Hamlet TIS
‘__ been there’ IVE
15-season show whose final episode was ‘Immortality’ CSI
28-Down’s opposite LOSER
Actress Salazar of ‘Maze Runner’ movies ROSA
Ad rep’s links TIEINS
Adds muscle mass, with ‘up’ BULKS
Adjust for pitch TUNE
Always, poetically EER
Ambulance gp EMS
Ammonia and water? COMPOUNDWORDS
Approach evening LATEN
Approaches NEARS
Author Dinesen ISAK
Autumn adjective CRISP
Aveeno competitor OLAY
Bar for adults and children SNICKERS
Bears witness (to) ATTESTS
Belief TENET
Biblical voyage terminus ARARAT
Bierce’s definition of it starts, ‘A temporary insanity curable by marriage’ LOVE
Brings down FELLS
British verb suffix ISE
Buddhist spiritual text SUTRA
Building EDIFICE
Carrier with HQ in Tokyo ANA
Celt’s land EIRE
Chest protector STERNUM
Collages and such ART
Collinsworth with many Sports Emmys CRIS
Comes up ARISES
Common ID SSN
Con __: tempo marking MOTO
Concert finale? INA
Confident opinion piece? DEFINITEARTICLE
Confined, in a way CHAINED
Consecutive jail terms? RUNONSENTENCE
Corrected EMENDED
D.C. athlete NAT
Designer Gernreich RUDI
Disney film starring Auli’i Cravalho MOANA
Dominique’s thirst quencher EAU
Draw back EBB
Driving need: Abbr LIC
E-commerce icon CART
Eligibility factors AGES
Expunge ERASE
Extraordinary UNUSUAL
Family member AUNT
Felipe’s fire FUEGO
Focus of much TV drama CRIME
Gavel wielders JURISTS
Get a new tenant for RELET
Get more precipitous STEEPEN
Glass-aloft salutation CHEERS
Handheld amp? MIC
Harbor sights PIERS
Honor roll stats GPAS
Hosp. areas ORS
Hot tub feature EDDY
Iditarod array SLEDS
Indicate MEAN
Joe-__ weed: herbal remedy PYE
Kitchen equipment OVENS
Legal tender substitute SCRIP
Like some elegant gowns STRAPLESS
Like two-thirds of Austria’s flag RED
Macbeth and Macduff THANES
Many a freshman TEEN
Many an Amazon dely CTN
Mark of shame STIGMA
Most in need of water DRIEST
Mr. Right, presumably IDEALMAN
Much of Micronesia’s makeup ATOLLS
Negotiations TALKS
Neighbor of Taurus ORION
No longer playing RETIRED
Nome : yours :: Nice : à __ TOI
Not giving up PERSISTENT
Not often seen SCARCE
Not on deck BELOW
Officially rebukes CENSURES
Olympic contact sport JUDO
Org. with no ‘L’ in its name, ironically CTA
Other side ENEMY
Overlap in a photo lab? DOUBLENEGATIVE
Page one, generally RECTO
Palm gadgets, briefly PDAS
Part of 77-Down: Abbr ISL
Personal bearing MIEN
Pitcher’s problem SOREARM
Place to stay INN
Point (to) REFER
Pride group LIONS
Pro __ TEM
Proficiency determiner TEST
Propose, in a way ASK
Regret RUE
Remark that hurts INSULT
Repetitive geometric patterns FRACTALS
Respectful gesture SALUTE
Restricted road part BUSLANE
Ricky Martin’s birthplace PUERTORICO
Saint-Tropez summer ETE
Scheme RUSE
Shore bird TERN
Showed openly BARED
Sign that may make you nervous OMEN
Single ONE
Single section UNIT
Slaughter of old baseball ENOS
Smallest Canadian prov PEI
Souse’s woe DTS
Sporty VW GTI
Strong desire URGE
Sturdy trees OAKS
Sugar in much corn syrup FRUCTOSE
Supposedly medicinal herb that sounds relevant to chiropractors BONESET
Target of suburban cleanups LEAVES
Title like Bugs Bunny’s ‘Hare Trigger’ PUN
Track event MEET
Track winnings PURSE
Truce that’s barely holding? TENSEAGREEMENT
Unlikely banquet setting DINETTE
Use a hammock REST
Venerable letters in global news UPI
Wasn’t true LIED
Where Brazil took Olympic soccer gold RIO
White Castle offerings SLIDERS
Will sections covering family members? RELATIVECLAUSES
Writer Deighton LEN
Zhou or Qin DYNASTY