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The Washington Post – Sep 1 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Hairspray’ mom EDNA
‘Now, look … ‘ LISTENHERE
‘The Canterbury Tales’ estate manager REEVE
‘The Wizard of Oz’ setting KANSAS
‘Your turn’ OKGO
‘__: Cyber’ CSI
51-Across bigwig ADEXEC
Amazed INAWE
Ballpark figure ATTENDANCE
British weapon acronym STEN
Cal.’s 101, e.g RTE
Calendar abbr THU
Chrysler Building style ARTDECO
City on the Oka OREL
Collection area DONATIONBOX
Colorful almanac pg USMAP
Common base TEN
Conceal MASK
Cosmic energy, in Hinduism SHAKTI
Dinette piece with cupboards CREDENZA
Drama set in ’60s Manhattan MADMEN
Enjoying the Smithsonian, briefly INDC
Eyes-closed event SNEEZE
Film noir crime fighters TMEN
Fire CAN
Fire starter SPARK
Fluctuates VARIES
For calorie counters LITE
Frozen Wasser EIS
Garment in a Gilbert and Sullivan title PINAFORE
Gp. with many barrels OPEC
Label on some foreign goods MADEINCHINA
Landlocked Normandy department ORNE
Light and fluffy dessert WHIP
Like a car in storage UNDRIVEN
Like apron strings TIED
Liverpool lengths METRES
Loftiest UPMOST
Loud sound BAM
Marsh growth SEDGE
Mayan structure TEMPLE
Mineral in thin sheets MICA
Mordor menace ORC
Multiplication symbol? RABBIT
Music genre POP
Must-choose situation EITHEROR
One level higher than ASTEPABOVE
One of four … and of thirteen SPADE
Online forum VIPs ADMINS
Org. in ‘This Film Is Not Yet Rated’ MPAA
Pirates rival PHILLIES
Rags or bags lead-in GLAD
Reality show whose Dutch version was called ‘Now or Neverland’ FEARFACTOR
Result of a gas shortage? FLATSODA
Service with painted nails PEDI
Smart dog POODLE
Source of shade WOODEDAREA
Source of suds BREWPUB
Spare a friend’s feelings, maybe FIB
Starbucks tea CHAI
Starts to slip and slide? ESSES
Syncopated rhythmic element BACKBEAT
Thrust and parry FENCE
Tiny Tootsie Roll MIDGEE
Top performer ASTUDENT
Words between partners? ANDS
Youngster TOT
Youngster’s address SON
__ butter ALMOND