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The Washington Post – Sep 18 2018

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Clues Answers
‘… good witch, __ bad witch?’ ORA
‘Duck Dynasty’ attire, for short CAMO
‘Rope-a-dope’ boxer ALI
‘__ tu’: Verdi aria ERI
10-point star polygon DECAGRAM
56-Across wts KGS
Angry or achy SORE
Annoy persistently TORMENT
Ave. and st RDS
By way of VIA
Camera buff, for short PHOTOG
Circular ROUND
Colonel Sanders facial feature GOATEE
Contented sighs AHS
Cup handle EAR
Cutting teeth INCISORS
Debate side PRO
D├ęcor choice COLOR
Decrease BATE
Derisive interjection BAH
Duct opening? OVI
Editorial ‘let it stand’ STET
Erma Bombeck’s ‘At __ End’ WITS
Event often visible in the evening sky MOONRISE
Flow back, as a tide EBB
Gold in Granada ORO
Hard-boiled genre NOIRFICTION
Hawaii or Alaska STATE
Hawaiian island OAHU
Its measurements include liters and grams METRICSYSTEM
Korda of ’80s-’90s tennis PETR
La Brea discovery FOSSIL
Lab maze navigator RAT
Letter flourish SERIF
Library amenity FREEWIFI
Like Easter eggs before the hunt HIDDEN
Lost cause GONER
LP successors CDS
Main attraction DRAWINGCARD
Main blood vessel AORTA
MLB’s D-backs ARI
More than suggest ORDER
Mus. key with three sharps AMAJ
Oil gp. that includes 57-Down OPEC
On the fence NOTSURE
Orchestra leader MAESTRO
Organic compound ENOL
Overconfident racer of fable HARE
Pakistan neighbor IRAN
Paleo diet protein source REDMEAT
Pants, briefly TROU
Partial view? BIAS
Pool tool CUE
Publisher Alfred KNOPF
Safety feature at a trapeze school NET
Scandinavian language SAMI
Sch. district VIPs SUPTS
Season after printemps ETE
Semiaquatic salamanders NEWTS
Shoots the breeze RAPS
Slow on the uptake DENSE
Soap units BARS
Spur to action PROD
Squared up EVEN
Stick (out) JUT
Take a load off REST
Tax-sheltered plans: Abbr IRAS
Test proctor’s reminder TIMELIMIT
The ‘A’ in ‘IPA’ ALE
Took care of, as a spill WIPEDUP
Try to win WOO
Utah city near Provo OREM
Wall-climbing plant IVY
Winning like crazy ONATEAR
Word after fuel or fly ROD
Years and years EON
__-cone: summer treat SNO