The Washington Post – Sep 22 2018

Clues Answers
‘Moonstruck’ star CHER
‘__ Eyes’: 1969 Guess Who hit THESE
2011 Atlantic hurricane IRENE
Added on HIRED
Artist’s drawing choice PENANDINK
As a backup INCASE
Backside TUSH
Basics ABCS
Beatles’ bassist before Paul STU
Became the champ WON
Become unusable, as airplane wings ICEUP
Brief court plea NOLO
Catch a few z’s NODOFF
Checked at the airport WANDED
Churchill successor EDEN
Classic accusation ETTU
Country singer Pickler KELLIE
Cut from the same cloth AKIN
Deceased toon? CASPER
Early number? ETHER
Enthusiastic response IDO
Excuses ALIBIS
Facilitate ENABLE
Foam-based brand NERF
Foolhardy RASH
George Lucas’ alma mater: Abbr USC
Getting burned, in a way REDDENING
Had a home-cooked meal ATEIN
Heart part ATRIUM
Holy, in Le Havre SACRE
It makes a rally irrelevant ACE
It may start with ‘I’ RTE
Library order SHH
Like a home-cooked meal MADEFROMSCRATCH
Like La Niña, e.g.: Abbr FEM
Like one with greasy palms? ONTHETAKE
Longtime Coke product TAB
Luxury fashion giant PRADA
Make very afraid CREEPOUT
Maze runner LABRAT
Metaphorical self-help aid BOOTSTRAP
Motor-assisted two-wheelers EBIKES
Mouse target ICON
Neil Young’s ‘Heart of __’ GOLD
Normal: Abbr STD
Pickup artist? NEATFREAK
Poker pot items, maybe IOUS
Position to take STAND
Roof edge EAVE
Second effort REDO
Segway PT inventor Dean KAMEN
Sign up, in Sussex ENROL
Some game winners MATES
Some window units ACS
Speak further about ENLARGEON
Spoken with ease FLUENT
Stir MIX
Stringless strings? AIRGUITAR
Sustained FED
Tavern need: Abbr LIC
There’s no going back on it DONEDEAL
Thrill seeker DAREDEVIL
Tied accessories OBIS
TV heroine with a weapon called a chakram XENA
Unwieldy ships HULKS
Vegas rival RENO
Way up TBAR
__-reeve: early name for a sheriff SHIRE

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