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The Washington Post – Sep 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Hamilton’ creator __-Manuel Miranda LIN
‘I could be wrong’ MAYBENOT
‘Nothing to shout about’ MEH
‘That’s a shame’ ALAS
*Bravura performance reaction, briefly STANDINGO
*Earth, Wind & Fire hit album whose title means ‘everything considered’ ALLNALL
*Fighter pilot’s sensation GFORCE
*Niacin and riboflavin BVITAMINS
*Twenty Questions question WHOAMI
7UP competitor since 1961 SPRITE
Actress Sorvino MIRA
Adjoin ABUT
Baaing mas EWES
Bandit band GANG
Bridge site NOSE
Captivates ENAMORS
Ceylon, now SRILANKA
Comics punch sound POW
Copies APES
Cry out loud SOB
Domingo, for one TENOR
Exodus sustenance MANNA
Fashion initials YSL
Gardner of the silver screen AVA
Gets a present ready to present WRAPS
Giggle TEHEE
Grade sch. level ELEM
Harbinger OMEN
Historical period ERA
Jackrabbits, e.g HARES
Kikkoman sauces SOYS
Knocks firmly RAPS
Limber AGILE
Little kid TOT
Lucie’s dad DESI
Made docile TAMED
Malicious EVIL
Mariner’s hazard FOG
Medical lab specimen BIOPSY
Melville’s ‘Typee’ sequel OMOO
Minimum __ WAGE
Mule team beam YOKE
Muslim pilgrimage HAJJ
Nuclear reactor component CORE
Once-banned James Joyce novel ULYSSES
Pac-12 team since 2011 UTES
Physicians’ gp AMA
Pogo stick sound BOING
Prestigious prize NOBEL
Primatologist Fossey DIAN
Pro vote AYE
Rather and Cronkite NEWSMEN
Reactive criticism FLAK
Salt’s ‘Halt!’ AVAST
Scrape (out) EKE
Snapper rival TORO
Some llama herders PERUVIANS
South Seas island TAHITI
Striped quartz AGATE
Sty denizen PIG
Tavern offering ALE
The Supremes, e.g POPTRIO
The way we word USAGE
They’re not selfish SHARERS
Trevor’s predecessor on ‘The Daily Show’ JON
Ungenerous sort HOG
Valley with a Wine Train NAPA
Vitality VIM
Weak excuses COPOUTS
Whack STAB
What the ruthless show NOMERCY
Winning exclamation aptly arranged and spelled by the standalone letters in the answers to starred clues BINGO
Women’s sportswear JOGBRAS
__ snap GINGER