The Washington Post – Sep 27 2018

Clues Answers
‘Ecce homo’ speaker PILATE
‘Got anything __?’ ELSE
‘It’s just a scratch’ IMFINE
‘Life Is Good’ rapper NAS
‘Lives of the Mayfair Witches’ trilogy author ANNERICE
‘Nothing to it!’ EASY
*Overly defensive stance BUNKERMENTALITY
*Preliminary sketch ROUGHOUTLINE
*Stud poker element HOLECARD
*Top selection TEESHIRT
2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee Terrell OWENS
Agonize about STEWOVER
Amazon berry ACAI
Assigns relative value to RANKS
Back nine opener TENTH
Be at loggerheads CLASH
Big name in PCs ACER
Bookish sort NERD
Brawny rival VIVA
Bring pleasure (to) APPEAL
Canal zone PANAMA
Cowboy leggings CHAPS
Cubs’ digs DEN
Deal with HANDLE
Deal with a bounced email RESEND
Degrees of creativity, briefly BFAS
Dungeons & Dragons bird ROC
Epidermal flaw ZIT
Equip anew RERIG
Farm girl EWE
Final Yahtzee roll, e.g LASTTURN
Fleur in heraldry LYS
Heck of a party BLAST
High on the Scoville scale HOT
Horror film line that usually gets its speaker in trouble ILLGOSEE
Hunt stealthily PROWL
Indian noblewoman RANI
Interoffice PC connection LAN
Its practice doesn’t make it perfect LAW
Kareem, once LEW
Kind of band ONEMAN
Less refined CRUDER
Mayberry kid OPIE
Mil. three-striper SGT
Mine feature TUNNEL
Not as messy NEATER
Omaha-to-Milwaukee dir ENE
PC key ALT
Please mightily ELATE
Put on quite an act EMOTE
Quite small WEE
Rodeos, e.g ISUZUS
Roofing unit TILE
Seminarian’s subj REL
Source of lean red meat EMU
Stun gun brand TASER
Support for a stroller CANE
Swedish tennis great BORG
Thoroughfare: Abbr AVE
Track calculation ODDS
Utopia EDEN
Vehicle that really moves? VAN
Very long time EONS
Video game figure AVATAR
Vigorous spirit ELAN
What a sequence of single strokes from the start of each starred answer to the next often adds up to PAR
With conviction FIRMLY
__ bran OAT
__ culpa MEA

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