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The Washington Post – Sep 5 2018

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Clues Answers
’60s jacket style NEHRU
‘But seriously folks … ‘ is one SEGUE
‘I give up!’ UNCLE
‘What __!’: ‘I’ve been had!’ ARIP
‘What’s goin’ on?’ SUP
Abs exercise LEGRAISE
Alternative medicine staple ALOEVERA
Apartment used for overnight trips to the city PIEDATERRE
Away from the wind ALEE
Ball elevators TEES
Bartlett entry QUOTE
Beaufort scale word GALE
Big dipper LADLE
Brightness figs. not measured in watts IQS
Busy as __ ABEE
Campaign pro? ADREP
Casanova ROUE
Cereal bit FLAKE
Checked (out) SCOPED
College courtyard QUAD
Come unglued, with ‘out’ FREAK
Common conjunctions ANDS
Counter offer? SALE
Emmy-winning ESPN reporter Bob LEY
Fifth Avenue landmark SAKS
Forest ranger? ELK
Get off the fence DECIDE
Glasses, informally SPEX
Go over the limit SPEED
Goddess of victory NIKE
Harrison of ‘My Fair Lady’ REX
Help AID
Help with a heist ABET
Its oxide makes Mars red IRON
Juilliard deg MFA
Lake near California’s Squaw Valley TAHOE
Legend automaker ACURA
Like the name Pat UNISEX
Lint collector TRAP
Little chap LAD
MADD message, e.g PSA
Many a dad joke PUN
Military sch. whose mascot is Bill the Goat USNA
Music rights gp ASCAP
Official behind a catcher UMP
Outlet site WALL
Pecan pie syrup KARO
Picnic crasher ANT
Play direction ENTER
Pong maker ATARI
Pontius __ PILATE
Queequeg’s captain AHAB
Reason to purchase a new belt WEIGHTGAIN
Retired tennis pro Kournikova ANNA
Riyadh resident ARAB
Saint at a gate PETER
Sci-fi princess with a twin brother LEIA
Scoop perch CONE
Selfish shout MINE
Side-by-side truck tires DUALS
Smarted STUNG
Soon-to-be alumni: Abbr SRS
Study a lot in a short time CRAM
Take out of the packaging UNBOX
Throw out EVICT
Tiny Lab, e.g PUP
Tot’s drink, to the tot WAWA
Transparent art surface CEL
When some local news airs ATTEN
Woodpecker’s tool BEAK
Word with tight or split END
__ Lingus AER