The Washington Post Sunday – Apr 15 2018

Clues Answers
‘Blast!’ DRAT
‘Hill Street Blues’ actress Veronica whose last name rhymes with a llama cousin HAMEL
‘Okay, I ___ it’ ADMIT
‘Right this minute’ ASAP
‘Singin’ in the Rain’ co-director Stanley DONEN
‘Take On Me’ band AHA
‘That’s nauseating!’ ICK
‘The Karate Kid’ actress Elisabeth SHUE
‘The Sopranos’ capo PAULIE
‘To wrap up …’ INSUM
‘Won’t somebody ___ of the children?’ THINK
A ways away FAR
Actress Burnett, after taking a spill? FALLENCAROL
Alias introducer AKA
Among AMID
Area area? MATH
Baptism participant GODPARENT
Be real EXIST
Belt holders CHAMPS
Big pieces of marble SLABS
Birthplace of King Harald V’s son, Haakon OSLO
Black-eyed bit, maybe PEA
Blunt command for a cartoon explorer to gain information? DORALEARN
Bygone depilatory brand, or an adolescent in reverse NEET
Cabal’s creation PLOT
Car roof fixture, at times ANTENNA
Celebratory, as an event JOYOUS
Cheerios grain OAT
Chemist’s container VIAL
Child welfare org.? PTA
Classify ASSORT
Common first word MAMA
Cook’s specialty, briefly? TECH
Count (on) RELY
Creamy cheese on the lam? LOOSEBRIE
Cry in a courtroom ORDER
Didn’t exit STAYED
Disavows DENIES
Distinctive time ERA
Do part of a triathlon RUN
Draped dresses SARIS
Drink with a Flashin’ Fruit Punch variety HIC
Easy as ___ ABC
Ehrenreich starring as Han Solo in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ ALDEN
Enriches, as with fat LARDS
European ___ (snakes) ASPS
Fancy events GALAS
Fishy-sounding road PIKE
Former name of retired NBA star Metta World Peace RONARTEST
Frozen Italian dessert TORTONI
Garfield who played Spider-Man ANDREW
Getting ready to drive TEEINGUP
Gives notes to someone, say SPENDS
Golf rental for angels? HEAVENCART
Grinding object PESTLE
Grocery shopping, e.g ERRAND
Haagen-Dazs products SORBETS
Having good sense JUDICIOUS
Heads of state, e.g VIPS
Hirsute, as a member of an old Total Fitness club would be? BALLYHAIRY
Indecent mandible site? LEWDJAW
Inserts ADDS
Insignificant MERE
Investor’s purchases SHARES
Invitation initialism RSVP
It has at least six games SET
Japanese soup base MISO
Jimmy Eat World genre EMO
Joins, as a team of oxen YOKES
Ladies first? ELL
Late Fox News host Alan, when he was in a Hispaniolan nation? HAITICOLMES
Legislative pros YEAS
Clues Answers
Like an undesirable trinity UNHOLY
Like some secrets, oxymoronically OPEN
Like Vassar, since 1969 COED
Like yaks HORNED
Little bit of food MORSEL
Lock spot GATE
Many a character on ‘The Office’ SALESMAN
Metal in a junkyard SCRAPIRON
Microscope rectangle SLIDE
Mined Indonesian export TINORE
Music ___ BOX
Narrow strip SLAT
Pale friend of Tarzan? WANJANE
Part of an honored British woman’s inheritance? DAMESGENE
Part of the way up STAIR
Path left by a burrowing rodent? GOPHERTRACE
Piece of music? LYRIC
Pinocchio’s habit LYING
Powerful suit, briefly EXEC
Prepare, as soft food PUREE
Promo on the screen TVAD
Put into action USE
Rarely opposite OFTEN
Red letter indication HOT
Red stopper, at times CORK
Repetitive song refrain LALA
Request from the pulpit PRAYER
Residence, in slang PAD
Rock collection MOSS
Rome-born physicist FERMI
Say that the answer to this clue is WRONG, say ERR
Sch. whose basketball team became the first No. 1 seed to be defeated by a No. 16 seed in the men’s NCAA tournament UVA
Sch. with a basketball team coached by Geno Auriemma UCONN
Scientific journal diagrams GRAPHS
See if you can TRYTO
Self-indulgent display EGOTRIP
Selfie features, maybe SMILES
Shape-shifter of interest to scientists AMOEBA
Shelled ectotherm TURTLE
Show preference LEAN
Silken traps WEBS
Site of many IVs ICU
Skirt type MAXI
Small amount DAB
Some, but not many AFEW
Something made while tossing a coin, perhaps WISH
Source of linseed oil FLAX
Spin-class nickname for actress Kate or Rooney? CYCLEMARA
Squat, so to speak NONE
Steak holder PLATE
Stuff in a safe, maybe GOLD
Synonym of 1 Down ICES
Takes out, a la a hit man OFFS
Tehran language FARSI
Tesla who claimed to have invented an ‘earthquake machine’ NIKOLA
The Little Prince’s prized flower and others ROSES
Theatrical digression ASIDE
Throw a fit GOAPE
Took strides STEPPED
Tuna sandwich choice RYE
Tuner in a pit OBOE
U.S. Olympic swim trial host city in 2008, 2012 and 2016 OMAHA
Where to see a human Wolf CNN
White stuff seen on the ground during a cold day SALT
Wing measurement SPAN
Winged predators HAWKS
Winner’s remark, maybe YOULOSE
Yellow spring bloomers OXLIPS
[Original author’s typo] SIC
___ fatale FEMME

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