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The Washington Post Sunday – Apr 19 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Absolutamente, seƱor!’ SISI
‘Aladdin’ character released in the Cave of Wonders GENIE
‘Amarantine’ singer ENYA
‘Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned’ writer TWAIN
‘Look … a clue!’ AHA
‘Makes sense to me’ IGETIT
‘Orange Is the New Black’ extra INMATE
‘Sweet but Psycho’ singer ___ Max AVA
‘Take one of these’ HERE
‘Testimony’ author Scott TUROW
‘That’s all in the ___’ PAST
‘The Jeffersons’ actress Marla GIBBS
‘The Punisher’ of tennis AGASSI
‘The Souls of Black Folk’ author W.E.B DUBOIS
‘Think about this overnight’ SLEEPONIT
/ / /, in frames SPARES
18-wheeler SEMI
19th-century gender equality activist ___ Bradwell MYRA
A, B, C or D on a multiple-choice test, say GRADE
Arcing tennis shot LOB
Arctic mass ICECAP
Area measurements WIDTHS
Assigned fault to BLAMED
At all EVER
Atmospheric result of forest fires HAZE
Attacks suddenly FLIESAT
Boyfriends who rule? REIGNBEAUS
Brown truck co UPS
Can’t stand HATE
Chaney of 94 Down LON
Chops finely DICES
Circular collectibles in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ games RINGS
Come out of hiding EMERGE
Community spirit ETHOS
Creator of the ham radio Cerebro in ‘Stranger Things’ DUSTIN
Credible, as a source TRUSTED
Curved Japanese blade KATANA
Cut out for the job ABLE
Deity such as Pan SATYR
Difficult situation PLIGHT
Dishonorable sorts CADS
Doors album whose second track is ‘Love Her Madly’ LAWOMAN
Droopy-eared pooch SPANIEL
Electroplating terminal ANODE
Element in some lamps NEON
Emma who wrote the sonnet on the Statue of Liberty’s pedestal LAZARUS
Emulate a peacock STRUT
Emulate a peacock PREEN
Enchanting story, say FAIRYTALE
Erik of ‘CHiPs’ ESTRADA
Expanse beyond Earth SPACE
Expels forcefully SPEWS
Feel crummy AIL
Fire pit detritus ASHES
Fiscal concern DEBT
Fiscal concern, briefly ECON
Fraudulent survey that collects sensitive information via email? PHISHINGPOLL
Full of foam SOAPY
Georgetown athletes HOYAS
Give holy authority to ORDAIN
Go by, chronologically ELAPSE
Golden State Warriors star Curry STEPH
Hogwarts librarian Pince IRMA
Home bodies? HITTERS
Horse relative ASS
Huge pains AGONIES
Human’s ‘piggies’ TOES
Humorous Johnson ARTE
Inc. group EDS
Iron workers’ org.? PGA
It may be challenged by changing social norms TABOO
Jean Sibelius and others FINNS
Jets on a fireplace frame? GRATEPLANES
Key commodity STAPLE
Kleenex layer PLY
Lavishly decorative ORNATE
Least lopsided EVENEST
Lecturer’s delivery REMARKS
Leia’s cinematic brother LUKE
Less ___ perfect THAN
Loads and loads ATON
Long (for) ACHE
Losing track? DIET
Makes up (for) ATONES
Makeup of some ore TIN
Many auto show autos SEDANS
Marvelous SUPERB
Masseuse’s application HOTOIL
Melody at the Met ARIA
Middle-earth giant ENT
Monastery full of bucks? DEERABBEY
Muse for astronomers URANIA
Musical DiFranco ANI
Nickname for Attorney General William that he earned for complaining? WHINEBARR
Noble’s estate MANOR
NYC winter hrs EST
One-man show about Capote TRU
Ones receiving divine revelations from eating Indian bread? NAANPROPHETS
Oscar winner Lee ANG
Popular, for now TRENDY
Posted sign warning people that garbage is prohibited in this area? WASTEBANNED
Prince’s counterpart in a 44 Across novel PAUPER
Purposes USES
Religious transgression SIN
Repeated jazz section VAMP
Reproductive cell OVULE
Screamfest film festival genre HORROR
Sea voyage taken by a royal successor? HEIRCRUISE
See 50 Down REINER
See 76 Down MEN
Senator Fischer DEB
Signatories of deeds OWNERS
Sitcom with scenes in a high school sci. class APBIO
Site of a church bell STEEPLE
Slovenian speaker, often SLAV
Small streams RILLS
Some ‘Game of Thrones’ figures LORDS
Spinning storage media CDS
Stacked PILED
Subsided, as the tide EBBED
Thriving, as vegetation LUSH
Thurman of ‘Imposters’ UMA
Took part in a rebellion ROSEUP
Tranquility among jack rabbits? HAREPEACE
Transformer, e.g ROBOT
Trash-hauling boats SCOWS
Twitter button represented by a heart LIKE
Uncompromising AUSTERE
Very much SORELY
Warmer, so to speak CLOSER
Wedding reception array TABLES
What graphs represent DATA
Where the Pevensie children received gifts from Father Christmas NARNIA
With 24 Down, ‘The Princess Bride’ director ROB
With 80 Down, grifters CON
Writer of Gothic works POE
___ al-Fitr (holiday at the end of Ramadan) EID
___ E. Coyote who aptly devises sly tricks (but is always thwarted) WILE
___ of shame (protective device for a pet after surgery) CONE
___ Rico PUERTO
___ shot FLU
___ the rules BEND