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The Washington Post Sunday – Apr 22 2018

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Clues Answers
‘All Along the Watchtower’ guitarist Hendrix JIMI
‘All Things Considered’ co-host Ari SHAPIRO
‘Batman & Robin’ star Clooney, as a child? BOYGEORGE
‘Blue’ or ‘White’ river NILE
‘Clue’ star Curry, as a child? TINYTIM
‘Feel free’ GOAHEAD
‘Glory’ singer Legend, as a child? LITTLEJOHN
‘Grown Ups’ star Chris, as a child? KIDROCK
‘I can’t agree to that offer!’ NODEAL
‘No need to keep explaining’ IGETIT
‘Nosferatu the Vampyre’ weapon STAKE
‘Nothing to it!’ EASY
‘School’s Out’ singer Alice, as a child? MINICOOPER
‘Superstition’ singer Stevie, as a child? SMALLWONDER
‘Superwoman’ singer Alicia, as a child? MINORKEYS
‘That’s correct’ YES
‘Water for Elephants’ star Witherspoon, as a child? PEEWEEREESE
‘___ Doone’ LORNA
11-time Australian Open singles champ Margaret, as a child? JUVENILECOURT
Accept, as a patient ADMIT
Alaska neighbor YUKON
Ancient polytheists CELTS
Anderson of TV sitcoms LONI
Aquaman’s weapon TRIDENT
Arch location STLOUIS
Be naughty ACTUP
Big name in landscaping DEERE
Big wheel’s wheels LIMO
Bratislava bills EUROS
Bread end HEEL
Brings forth ELICITS
Capital city about 200 miles north of Tulsa TOPEKA
Cat’s nap spot, at times LAP
Certain Ivy Leaguers ELIS
Certain sweetheart BEAU
Charlie of ‘Platoon’ SHEEN
Cheap item in a cigar store STOGIE
CNN anchor Blitzer, as a child? TEENWOLF
Co. offering insurance to military members and their families USAA
Commend highly EXTOL
Comprehensive BROAD
Considerable amount TON
Cowardly sort WIMP
Crafted, as a tapestry WOVE
Data ___ ENTRY
Didn’t save SPENT
Digital camera brand CASIO
Diplomatic agreement ACCORD
Display of appreciation that builds gradually SLOWCLAP
Dog introduced in 1978 ODIE
Emulates a pirate LOOTS
ExxonMobil’s business OIL
Fan blog’s focus IDOL
Festive season YULE
Festive tune NOEL
Figures of speech TROPES
Freckles, e.g TRAIT
Gmail button indicated by a left-facing arrow REPLY
Government issues BONDS
Greets, as a new year RINGSIN
Guitar hero, in slang AXMAN
Highland tongue GAELIC
Home screen feature ICON
Homeowner’s security? ROOF
Indian royal RANI
Irregular occurrence ANOMALY
Isopod that can roll into a ball PILLBUG
Joel or Ethan of film COEN
Jordan who received the Oscar for best original screenplay for 2017 PEELE
Justice Bader Ginsburg, as a child? BABYRUTH

Clues Answers
Latin clarification IDEST
Leonine queen of film NALA
Like an old Soul? USED
Like scents that may evoke memories of camping trips WOODSY
Like the slimmest odds LONGEST
Like VHS tapes, today PASSE
Love god AMOR
Ludacris or Xzibit offering RAP
Mainz river RHINE
Many a student’s woe DEBT
Missouri River native OTOE
Moccasin bottom SOLE
Nat stat RBI
NBA team that drafted Dwyane Wade in 2003 HEAT
Necessarily involve ENTAIL
Nest locale, at times ELM
Not idling, hopefully ONDUTY
Obliterate DESTROY
Opined about, in a way WROTEON
Palindromic band with the palindromic song ‘S.O.S.’ ABBA
Parabolic trajectories ARCS
Part of a Fitbit count STEP
Particle that can be emitted or absorbed by an atom PHOTON
Partner of magenta, yellow and black, in color printing CYAN
Perjury practitioner LIAR
Petting zoo equine PONY
Places, as tile LAYS
Polish phrases, e.g EDIT
Prefix with cellular UNI
Prepare to fire TAKEAIM
Prevailed WON
Proceeded furtively SNUCK
Raise, as socks HIKEUP
Rapidity HASTE
React like a superfan SWOON
Reason for a travel advisory SLEET
Recliner room, perhaps DEN
Release, as oxen UNYOKE
Responsibilities ONUSES
Restaurant chain that sells Oldtimer burgers CHILIS
Rigatoni topper, maybe PESTO
Rippling muscle, maybe PEC
Roast rod SPIT
Robbie Knievel’s papa EVEL
Ruler’s place THRONE
Sans ice, at a bar NEAT
Scribbles (down) JOTS
See 103 Down ONE
See 77 Across ALAI
She sang with Satchmo ELLA
Silver sound? NEIGH
Some deli purchases RYES
Sound of amusement TEEHEE
Spiked LACED
Stuart dynasty queen ANNE
Sushi roll wrap NORI
Trust, with ‘on’ RELY
Turns on a board MOVES
Unlike British police officers, often ARMED
Vintage vehicles REOS
What’s indicated by a plus or minus sign, in science class ION
White, in Juarez BLANCA
Wimbledon champ Hingis or Navratilova MARTINA
With 31 Across, 2016 ‘Star Wars’ film set before the events of ‘Star Wars’ ROGUE
With 53 Down, game in which juggling is illegal JAI
Words ___ minute PER
Wrinkly citrus UGLI
___ Beta Kappa PHI
___ food JUNK
___ Hard Lemonade MIKES
___ pressure SINUS
___-bones BARE