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The Washington Post Sunday – Apr 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Thousand Miles’ singer Carlton VANESSA
‘A Woman Called Golda’ role MEIR
‘Be My Love’ lyricist CAHN
‘Dallas’ or ‘Nashville,’ e.g SHOW
‘House’ parties? NURSES
‘Kite Stories’ composer Brian ENO
‘Not gonna happen!’ YOUWISH
‘Rubyfruit Jungle’ writer ___ Mae Brown RITA
‘Sounds like fun to me’ IMGAME
‘The Four Seasons’ star ALANALDA
‘The Shock Doctrine’ author Naomi KLEIN
‘___ What I Like’ (Grammy-winning song by Bruno Mars) THATS
1986 rock memoir ITINA
Actress Cooke who played Art3mis in ‘Ready Player One’ OLIVIA
Aggravated VEXED
AL MVP in 1927 and 1936 GEHRIG
Alamo rival AVIS
Ancient temple builders MAYA
Anecdotal knowledge LORE
Apt to pull a ruse SLY
Artists’ workplaces ATELIERS
Athletic center org.? NBA
Auto club job TOW
Barbecue receptacle AS{HP}IT
Barber’s offering OPERA
Barber’s offering TRIM
Big island in the Malay Archipelago SUMATRA
Big river swimmers HIPPOS
Blue- or green-winged duck TEAL
Blunder FLUB
Bolt providing electricity at the Olympics, once USAIN
Bone seen in X-rays RIB
Books on electronic devices? MANUALS
Bush’s opponent, once REAGAN
Cake number, at times AGE
Candied side item YAM
Capital of the ___ (nickname of Innsbruck, Austria) ALPS
Carried BORNE
Cartesian plane line AXIS
Castle wall attachment TURRET
Causing cynicism in JADING
Certain military strike SORTIE
Character shipwrecked on what he called the ‘Island of Despair’ CRUSOE
Chess player’s friend? MATE
Clubbing weapons MACES
Co. ending INC
Code-breaking govt. org NSA
Coin ___ SLOT
Coniferous evergreens YEWS
Contents of 56 Down ICE
Convinced with flattery CAJOLED
Daily Planet surname KENT
Deep cut, perhaps L{ACER}ATION
Don, as pajamas SLIPINTO
Excavation site RUIN
Expected landing hr ETA
Extensive school assignment RESEARC{HP}ROJECT
Features of the Mars landscape MESAS
Form 2555-EZ publisher IRS
Former SNL star Kristen WIIG
Former Swedish imports SAABS
German auto pioneer BENZ
Goes under the bar LIMBOS
Gold or platinum, e.g HUE
Got comfy SAT
GPA maximums, maybe FIVES
Gradually remove (from) WEAN
Greet the queen, say RISE
Group get-together MEETUP
Growing concerns CROPS
Clues Answers
Have a blue face, say MOPE
He slew the Cyclopes, in some myths APOLLO
Interactive programs on some websites JAVA{APPLE}TS
Interest BEHALF
Jennifer of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ GREY
Jerry’s sitcom ex ELAINE
Jet-skiing spot LAKE
Land line? BORDER
Large lager holders KEGS
Like bulls and bucks MALE
Like Columbus GENOESE
Like Eid al-Fitr traditions ISLAMIC
Like life in Death Valley IRONIC
Load, as old settings on a desktop RESTORE
Long-necked bird EMU
Longtime Colts QB UNITAS
Marvel mutant who can absorb other mutants’ superpowers ROGUE
Metaphorical durability LEGS
Mineo of ‘Exodus’ SAL
Modern battle cry ITSON
Night ___ SHIFT
Nursery rhyme character FARMERINTHE{DELL}
Offbeat and innovative EDGY
Old term for desktops and laptops, and a hint to this puzzle’s theme MICROCOMPUTERS
One way to sway FRO
Palomino’s gait, maybe LOPE
Part of a voltaic cell ANODE
Part of the rial world? OMAN
Party staples DIPS
Passed, as a race car LAPPED
Peking duck additive, maybe MSG
Permanently marked SCARRED
Preposition in directions VIA
Required one’s words to be bowdlerized, maybe CUSSED
Returns pro, briefly CPA
Sammy seen in many ESPN highlights in 1998 SOSA
Scattered about STREWN
See 48 Down BEER
Shut (up) PENT
Sigmatism, by another name LISP
Sign of inflammation ABSCESS
Singer on the 1950s album ‘The Story of the Blues’ {DELL}AREESE
Single-stranded chain RNA
Soda container CAN
Soda containers COOLERS
Some metal bands DUOS
Sonneteer’s preposition ERE
Space where a heating appliance is installed FURN{ACER}OOM
Steeping item TEABALL
Storyteller’s tale LIE
Strange, a la an alternate universe in Superman comics BIZARRO
Subs’ pulse emitters SONARS
Sunlit spaces SOLARIA
Suppose to be true ASSUME
Surface area? SEALEVEL
The continuation of the status quo BUSINESS{ASUS}UAL
This clue number divided by nove TRE
Trains seen at the end of tunnels? ELS
Trapeze supporter ROPE
Tries to understand, as a problem GR{APPLE}SWITH
Trough locale STY
Unloads, in a way SELLS
Weapon for d’Artagnan RAPIER
What Gandhi once practiced LAW
Winged creature in the TriStar Pictures logo PEG{ASUS}
With 62 Across, product from a small brewery CRAFT
Yonder people THEM
Youngster in a den BEARCUB
[This was their mistake] SIC
___ Grady (‘Jurassic World’ protagonist) OWEN