The Washington Post Sunday – Apr 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Boo-yah!’ EATIT
‘Cheerleader’ singer OMI
‘Cry, the Beloved Country’ writer Paton ALAN
‘Don’t miss out on the sale!’ ACTNOW
‘East of Eden’ twin ARON
‘Fame’ name IRENECARA
‘Fight Club’ actress ___ Bonham Carter HELENA
‘Get a load of this!’ OHO
‘Hot’ time? DATE
‘Just tell me!’ OUTWITHIT
‘Need a hand?’ CANIHELP
‘Wee’ child LAD
‘___ Gabler’ (1891 Ibsen play) HEDDA
29th Union admission IOWA
35-0 NFL victory, e.g ROUT
45th Union admission UTAH
‘Attention, shoppers! Save 10 percent on nursery talc and get some ___. Your infant needs to be strong!’ BABYPOWER
‘Ever wanted to hire people to protect flying insects? Now you can when you save 9 percent on dental devices and get ___!’ MOTHGUARDS
‘Get 9 percent off a General Mills cereal and get ___. They’re the most fortunate injuries you’ll ever have!’ LUCKYHARMS
‘Save 10 percent on an artist’s tool and get a ___. It’s the same tool, just a bigger hassle!’ PAINBRUSH
‘Save 9 percent on a surfing item and get a ___. Shakespeare has gotta shake, shake, shake his booty on the dance floor!’ BOOGIEBARD
‘That game console is 7 percent off. With that kind of savings, you can get a ___, a spellcaster who will play video games with you!’ NINTENDOWITCH
‘Want your own rowing teams from southern Ireland? Save 10 percent on wine bottle openers and get ___!’ CORKCREWS
‘We’ve cut 9 percent off cuts of beef so you can get ___. They’re still cuts of beef, but this time you take criticism for having them!’ FLAKSTEAKS
‘We’ve taken 7 percent off a pill to treat anemia so you can get a ___. Who wouldn’t want extra time with Hollywood director Howard?’ RONSUPPLEMENT
All or Tide alternative ERA
Antiperspirant brand MENNEN
Apply high heat to SCORCH
Apt rhyme of ‘grasp’ CLASP
Aquaman, e.g HERO
At less distance away NEARER
Be indebted OWE
Beast battling Legolas ORC
Big bang beginner DETONATOR
Big ride, for short SUV
Biotech locale LABSITE
Bits of glue DABS
Burn a bit, as beef CHAR
Cain’s biblical brother ABEL
Cancel, as characters? DELETE
Capitalism critic Marx KARL
Challenging trip TREK
Cherry ___ (tool for removing cherry stones) PITTER
Church supporters? PEWS
Classical element along with air, fire and water EARTH
Closing music passage CODA
Commanding officer’s command ATEASE
Concluded ATANEND
Country that’s home to the traditional dance Ikinimba RWANDA
Crystal product on ‘Breaking Bad’ METH
D.C. major league pro NAT
Dark ‘n’ Stormy liquor RUM
Did voice-over work DUBBED
Direction toward a pole TRUENORTH
Donations to the poor ALMS
Encouraging quality UPSIDE
Examined curiously PEERED
Fabric edge HEM
Fast food drink COKE
Father of 20 Across ADAM
Fighter pilot’s cry IMHIT
Fried vegetable, often OKRA
Gambling city by Sparks RENO
German equivalent of the Spanish word ‘y’ UND
Goddess with the mechanical owl Bubo in ‘Clash of the Titans’ ATHENA
Grazing savanna sights GNUS
Green land surface SOD
Green sauce for rotini PESTO
H.S. students’ exam PSAT
Hallowed structure SHRINE
Hammerhead shark’s home OCEAN
Having done a more punishing workout SORER
He was in front of the line on the ‘Abbey Road’ album cover LENNON
Health resort SPA
Heavy duty ONUS
Homeowner’s debt LIEN
Human rights lawyer Clooney AMAL
Indicate rudely, maybe POINTAT
Insect bite reaction ITCH
Intangible glow AURA
It’s tied at a wedding KNOT
Kirk’s foe whose name Kirk famously shouted in a 1982 film KHAN
Learning by repetition ROTE
Leave astounded STUN
Like owlets YOUNG
Like stale expressions TRITE
Like unfair blows LOW
Makes a choice OPTS
Mama bear’s little bear CUB
Massive amounts TONS
Melting 123 Across SLUSH
Minor key of the Radiohead song ‘Videotape’ CSHARP
Molokai feast LUAU
Money spent in Minsk RUBLE
Moreover ALSO
Needing a recharge DEAD
New Mexico resort town TAOS
NFL analyst Riddick LOUIS
Operating by itself ONAUTO
Otherwise ELSE
Pair of punches ONETWO
Part of a guitar neck FRET
Pigeon’s sound COO
Pioneer Village city in Massachusetts SALEM
Prepared like bananas Foster FLAMBE
Prior to, in stanzas ERE
Product pitches ADS
Really small, cutesily ITSY
Request for support APPEAL
Results of cutting costs, and what’s spelled out by the letters cut from nine products in this puzzle DISCOUNTS
Rock band’s box AMP
Rock enthusiast? MASON
Roof’s position TOP
Sales spots SHOPS
San ___ (Calif. city) MATEO
Savings event? RESCUE
Sci-fi counselor TROI
Short in duration BRIEF
Sketch show that began one year after SNL debuted SCTV
Skin care item TONER
Snakes with hoods COBRAS
Some altos in choirs MEN
Some performers in pits OBOISTS
Some sorority vowels ETAS
Statistical pattern TREND
Strengthen, with ‘up’ TOUGHEN
Suspensions for basketball players? RIMS
Tai ___ CHI
Take care of SEETO
Temple opening PORE
They may hold MP3s CDS
They’re not buying it SKEPTICS
Thomas Adès composition whose title is Latin for ‘sanctuaries’ ASYLA
Three-point field goal TREY
Tool with a rubber cup PLUNGER
Treelike fantasy beings ENTS
Unable to choose TORN
Walk in the forest, say HIKE
What a valet parks CAR
White Christmas blanket SNOW
Wilanów Palace city WARSAW
Workers with six legs ANTS
World ___ Awareness Day (April 2) AUTISM
___ Nostra COSA

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