The Washington Post Sunday – Apr 8 2018

Clues Answers
‘Almost done’ LASTONE
‘Clueless’ retort ASIF
‘Dear’ alternative HON
‘Fat chance!’ HAH
‘Flora’s Secret’ singer ENYA
‘Glee’ actress Michele LEA
‘I’m Dying Up Here’ actress Graynor ARI
‘In memoriam’ item OBIT
‘It’s time for my grand entrance’ IMON
‘Olympia’ artist, 1863 MANET
‘We ___ liftoff!’ HAVE
‘Who’s on First?’ performer ABBOTT
‘___ include players, umpires and fans’ BALLPARKFIGURES
‘___ Land’ (2016 musical film) LALA
‘___, and first and third will be colorful’ PAINTTHECORNERS
‘___, and first, second and third will be protected by a tarp’ COVERYOURBASES
‘___, and there will be new batters’ SWITCHHITTERS
‘___, and you won’t see another game for maybe 12 months’ WAITTILLNEXTYEAR
‘___, and you’ll be at home’ STEPUPTOTHEPLATE
‘___? Then the batter isn’t safe after that deep drive not to center or right’ OUTINLEFTFIELD
Actress Garr or Hatcher TERI
Ad time NITE
After the buzzer LATE
Also TOO
Alters Time? EDITS
Ark place ARARAT
Auto guide, briefly GPS
Barbecue spot PATIO
Be excessive, with ‘it’ OVERDO
Belonging to that gent HIS
Bioengineered food source, briefly GMO
Brewery need YEAST
Burn mark? SMOKE
Butter servings PATS
Causing alarm, maybe EERIE
Cells with ooplasm OVA
Christmas party guests, at times INLAWS
Clio, e.g MUSE
Colorado people UTES
Combustion residue ASH
Connects (with) LIAISES
Cry from the accused IMINNOCENT
Cultural value system ETHOS
Ekebergparken city OSLO
Elderly neighbor of Jon, in ‘Garfield’ comics REBA
Element in many stained-glass windows LEAD
Enjoyed 13 Down, say SKIED
Enter slowly EASEIN
Escorts to the 10th floor of a high-rise apartment building, say SEESUP
Evil Edward of fiction HYDE
Far from tons FEW
Fault-finders? LINEJUDGES
Ferrets’ relatives ERMINES
Financial supporter PATRON
Former deputy attorney general Sally YATES
Former Giants QB Phil SIMMS
Fragrant compound ESTER
Frat friend, maybe BRO
Futile NOUSE
General Mills offering KIX
Good name for a CPA? IRA
Got ready for a new day, in a way SLEPT
Green Day drummer TRECOOL
Hanukkah gift GELT
Hardly fine food GLOP
Home of Athens, Berlin, Moscow and Paris USA
Humanitarian offering AID
Humble abode HUT
Interstate heavyweight SEMI
Clues Answers
Involving intimidation, say COERCIVE
Iron workers? GOLFERS
Is for many people? ARE
Key of ‘(Don’t Fear) The Reaper’ AMINOR
Lax to the max LOOSEST
Least verbose TERSEST
Liberal or conservative leader? NEO
Like Olympians FIT
Like red diamonds RARE
Like some cat litter SCENTED
Made short work of shortcake, say ATE
Magnificent STELLAR
Make more constrictive TIGHTEN
Margaret who received a GLAAD Golden Gate Award in 2000 CHO
Meg of ‘When Harry Met Sally’ RYAN
Memorable obscurity? ECLIPSE
Merino mother EWE
Metaphorical resources ARSENAL
Napoleon’s bicorn, e.g HAT
Not kidding EARNEST
Offering before a meal at a Japanese restaurant, at times HOTTOWEL
Officially validate RATIFY
Opposite of cluttered NEAT
Oracle’s specialty, for short TECH
Palindromic magazine ELLE
Panera Bread purchase LOAF
Pants problems RIPS
Pasty Hawaiian dish POI
Person who just. Won’t. Shut. Up GASBAG
Persuade with flattery CAJOLE
Phi ___ Jama (dunking nickname of Hakeem Olajuwon and Clyde Drexler’s college hoops team) SLAMA
Physicist Ohm GEORG
Place in a pyramid, e.g ENTOMB
Plant regulator, briefly OSHA
Pocket that may be full of yogurt sauce PITA
Pool setting SPA
Put through a kitchen filter SIEVED
Qdoba dip, for short GUAC
Realty or auction unit LOT
Require ENTAIL
Resort with a run called Alf’s High Rustler ALTA
Saltimbocca seasoning SAGE
Scarface, e.g RAPSTAR
Scrape off ABRADE
Shaving mishap NICK
Show with numbers REVUE
Sites of some sprains ANKLES
Smith’s item ANVIL
Snack that may come in a sleeve OREO
Some haunted house props NOOSES
Spirit of old stories GENIE
Stimulate interest in ENTHUSE
Superlatively irritated SOREST
Surpluses GLUTS
Tanking-up station? BARSTOOL
Taylor of ‘The Nanny’ RENEE
Temperature tester TOE
Tim ‘The ___’ Taylor (nickname on ‘Home Improvement’) TOOLMAN
To be, in Toulouse ETRE
Tuna at a luau AHI
Vehicle used in some gimmicks for the WWE’s Undertaker HEARSE
View from Dun Laoghaire IRISHSEA
Visible part of the ear AURICLE
Vocal encouragement CHEER
Volsunga saga deity ODIN
Western European land IBERIA
Wizards forward Porter OTTO

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