The Washington Post Sunday – Aug 1 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘Aquis Submersus’ painter Max ERNST
‘I like the way you think!’ NEATIDEA
‘Isn’t that something!’ GEE
‘Jet’ or ‘tank’ preceder GAS
‘L’├ętat, c’est ___’ MOI
‘Now ___ …’ THEN
‘Say Anything’ star Skye IONE
‘Schitt’s Creek’ actress Levy SARAH
‘The Neighborhood’ network CBS
‘The Westing Game’ writer Raskin ELLEN
‘Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves’ writer, 1859 LINCOLN
‘Yes, let’s!’ IMIN
‘___ off me, will ya?’ LAY
2021 Pixar film set on the Italian Riviera LUCA
A long distance off AFAR
Agrees to OKS
Alphabet starter ABC
Apt rhyme of ‘disgrace’ ABASE
Arthur with an Emmy for co-writing the TV adaptation of his book ‘A Hard Road to Glory’ ASHE
As a precaution INCASE
Auto speed initials MPH
Avoid buying a vowel, on ‘Wheel of Fortune’ SPIN
Back talk? ECHO
Backtalk SASS
Beach party blaze BONFIRE
Beat on the track OUTRACE
Beehive setting APIARY
Beneficial thing BOON
Bent-knee greetings Curtsies
Brand of laundry detergent ALL
Bugs big-time RANKLES
Candle strand WICK
Casual refusal NAH
CB radio user’s vehicle SEMI
Celebratory spreads FEASTS
Chihuahua who debuted in August 1991 REN
Clings (to) ADHERES
Cold drink container ICECHEST
Comic’s creation JOKE
Consumer demand? DINNER
Dejected athlete’s comment ILOST
Deliver a soliloquy, say ACT
Directive on an octagon STOP
Ditch in medieval times MOAT
During which WHEREIN
Egg collection site COOP
Electrical signal source NEURON
Emitted particles IONS
Eventual goal for one taking the GRE, maybe PHD
Falco of ‘Freedomland’ EDIE
Film with many interviews, for short DOC
Flames fans? PYROS
Former name of a streaming video subscription service (it dropped its second word in 2015) HULUPLUS
Fruit also called a Jamaican tangelo UGLI
Funds to be repaid LOANS
Get funky? REEK
Grabs forcibly SEIZES
Group of team players LINEUP
Grub for a greyhound ALPO
Guinness of ‘Star Wars’ ALEC
Hairy sitcom character ITT
High point of a castle TURRET
Highly caustic solution LYE
Homer Simpson’s holler DOH
Iberian marinade ADOBO
Impulsive quality RASHNESS
In a wild way AMOK
Insert, as paper in a printer LOAD
It’s on the syllabus TEST
Lair in the woods DEN
Leveling wedge SHIM
Lid hair LASH
Like a chasm DEEP
Like contrabass notes LOW
Lodging off the highway INN
Mandolin attachment STRAP
Maritime markers BUOYS
Minnie series? CELS
Monoecious tree OAK
Mushy, like some forms of orange juice PULPY
Naked mole ___ (rodent) RAT
No. 1 hit for Eric Clapton that was a cover of a Bob Marley song ISHOTTHESHERIFF
No. 1 hit for Lady Gaga with the lyric ‘A little gambling is fun when you’re with me’ POKERFACE
No. 11 hit for the Trammps featured in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ DISCOINFERNO
No. 2 hit for Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville that was a Grammy nominee for song of the year DONTKNOWMUCH
No. 2 hit for the Kingsmen with a repetitive title LOUIELOUIE
No. 3 hit for Donna Summer that won a Grammy, a Golden Globe and an Oscar LASTDANCE
No. 6 hit for Elton John that was the title of a 2019 film about him ROCKETMAN
No. 8 hit for John Cougar Mellencamp that refers to colorful residences PINKHOUSES
No. 9 hit for Britney Spears on her 2000 album of the same name OOPSIDIDITAGAIN
Novice gamer, or 43 Down in reverse NOOB
Oft-sanitised room LOO
Ones with secret info INSIDERS
Org. producing jams? NBA
Part of a percussive set BONGO
People holding the Wuwuchim ceremony HOPI
Perspective, for short POV
Phenomena over lakes MISTS
Postojna Cave’s nation SLOVENIA
Pro’s counterpart CON
Projection room unit REEL
Prop for many a ‘Downton Abbey’ character TIARA
Public evisceration TAKEDOWN
Reaction to a bad call BOO
Reminiscent of poet Robert BURNSIAN
Rev, as an engine GUN
Robots and such MACHINES
Rock opening, say CRANNY
Salk who developed the polio vaccine JONAS
Sci-fi vessel UFO
Scrooge’s ‘Rubbish!’ BAH
Seemingly supernatural UNCANNY
Set of bicep curls, e.g REPS
Settings for Calgary Flames games ARENAS
Shut loudly SLAM
Singer Grande, informally ARI
Something to climb in a climbing gym WALL
Song with a good beat BOP
Spray can discharge AEROSOL
Stir, as suspicion AROUSE
Strain, as with flour SIFT
Subcontinent ruler RANI
Subject of feudalism LIEGE
Submarine named after the 17th state USSOHIO
Successful metapuzzle solver’s cry AHA
The Flash portrayer Miller EZRA
Vajiravudh’s kingdom SIAM
Variation of a color TINT
Vintage auto initials REO
Was first LED
Way too self-satisfied SMUG
Website debut, say LAUNCH
What legislatures pass STATUTES
White crystals, often SALT
Word’s linguistic basis ROOT
Work such as ‘Die Fledermaus’ OPERETTA
You, in Commandments THOU
Zoom meeting creator HOST
___ Beta Kappa PHI
___ Ness monster LOCH
___ pick (comb) AFRO
___ Shepherd, a.k.a. McDreamy, on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ DEREK
___ tissue SCAR
___ truth to power SPEAK

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