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The Washington Post Sunday – Aug 12 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Cold Mountain’ protagonist INMAN
‘Essential’ substances OILS
‘Fame’ singer Irene CARA
‘Good ___!’ IDEA
‘Grand’ brand in the frozen food aisle EDYS
‘Let It Go’ singer ELSA
‘Okay,’ in Quebec OUI
‘Peter Pan’ pixie, briefly TINK
‘Please, it’s too much!’ OHSTOP
‘Rigoletto’ locale MANTUA
‘Tell me I’m not the only one here who fights knights’? SURELYYOUJOUST
‘Vicious’ singer Reed LOU
‘Yeah, about ___ …’ THAT
‘You’re gonna need a bigger ___’ (classic ‘Jaws’ line) BOAT
‘___ the season …’ TIS
‘___, c’est moi!’ LETAT
1977 hit named the 34th best hard rock song ever by VH1 BARRACUDA
2013 film about cyber love HER
Acceptance speech word THANK
Actor’s favorite meat? HAM
Adobe Acrobat files PDFS
African nation or lake of the same name CHAD
Antimony’s neighbor on the periodic table TIN
App symbols ICONS
Apple site whose terms were famously violated EDEN
Aptly named author Charles READE
Athlete’s postgame application, perhaps ICEBAG
Bakery selection RYE
Beta follower GAMMA
Biblical beasts ASSES
Big racket CLAMOR
Big Top Ten list name LETTERMAN
Bills’ opponents, on occasion JETS
Bit of news ITEM
Botanist Gray ASA
Bread bit CRUMB
Bread with tzatziki PITA
Bygone Coors product ZIMA
Calligrapher’s stock INKS
Canine pal of 76 Across OTIS
Certain living expense RENT
Chicago commuter options ELS
Chipotle topping SALSA
Classroom figure’s bratty expression? TEACHERSPOUT
Cloaked desert dweller on Tatooine JAWA
Clumsy one’s utterance OOPS
CNN founder Turner TED
Coaster feature, maybe LOOP
Coleridge compositions ODES
Columnist Maureen, when she goes for a stroll? THEWALKINGDOWD
Completely bewildered ATSEA
Corny quality SCHMALTZ
Counterparts of bows STERNS
Craven of horror WES
Cries from a non-ovine flock AMENS
Crime lab material DNA
Ctrl-P command PRINT
Curry of ‘Clue’ TIM
Cy Young candidates ACES
Dangerous fly TSETSE
Devoted man or woman of the House PARTISAN
Doing again, as a test RETAKING
Double-crossing TWOTIMING
East Coast-based convenience store chain with a repeated syllable WAWA
Eastern kingdom name until 1939 SIAM
Fast-food beverage COLA
FBI figures GMEN
Federal reservations? NATIONALDOUBT
Feline pal of 99 Across MILO
Gather REAP
Genre for My Chemical Romance EMO
Gets an eyeful GAWKS
Clues Answers
Group of case workers? LEGALTEAM
Having seniority OLDEST
High-end room SUITE
High-end room? ATTIC
Honks the horn TOOTS
How some dive in HEADFIRST
Implore BEG
Imprisons EMBARS
Irritates incessantly EATSAT
It may precede a big announcement DRUMROLL
Jittery ONEDGE
John Entwistle’s instrument BASS
Judi Dench’s title DAME
Like ‘Home’ and ‘Home Alone’ RATEDPG
Like a literary rabbit LATE
Like the film ‘The Babadook’ EERIE
Lustrous fabric SATEEN
Malarial symptom AGUE
Medicine-testing org FDA
Mickey’s comment after he met Minnie? WHATAMOUSE
Mischievous little devil IMP
Mispells a word, say, like in this clue ERRS
Muscles targeted in core workouts ABS
Musician’s play date GIG
OK! mag subject CELEB
Optimistic declaration ICAN
Piazza dei Cavalieri site PISA
Piece of luggage VALISE
Place to relax SPA
Planets visible at dawn DAYSTARS
Playfully modest COY
Plot’s pinnacle CLIMAX
Pursue SEEK
Quit lying, say RISE
Ralph in Cooperstown KINER
Rat voiced by Patton Oswalt in ‘Ratatouille’ REMY
Razz from the stands JEER
Recipe instruction STIR
Secluded spot GLEN
Secluded spot ISLE
Seder servings MATZOS
See 116 Down SOUL
Setting for part of ‘A Farewell to Arms’ ALPS
Ship attachment? WRECK
SNL alum Oteri CHERI
Soapy stuff SUDS
Social division CASTE
Some Nissan models SENTRAS
Something snipped in a salon TRESS
Source of comedian Billy’s jokes? CRYSTALMOUTH
Sparkling wine city ASTI
Summer, to Sartre ETE
Talk smack about ‘The Waltz King’? DISSTRAUSS
Therapist’s concerns NEUROSES
Thrift store transaction RESALE
Top that’s simply divine? GODBLOUSE
Turkey ___ TROT
Uber or Lyft offering RIDE
Veers sharply ZAGS
Volcano feature RIM
Wallop Goethe’s legendary alchemist? SLUGFAUST
Warriors coach Kerr STEVE
Washington posts, say SEATS
With 92 Down, Korean crossover SUV KIA
Word to a setter SIT
Word with force or pressure AIR
Yoweri Museveni is its president UGANDA
___ cell SOLAR