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The Washington Post Sunday – Aug 15 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Fun Home’ has one ACT
‘Hacksaw Ridge’ actress Palmer TERESA
‘How could you ___?’ TELL
‘Nature’ channel PBS
‘Per my last email …’ ASISAID
‘Platoon’ war zone, briefly NAM
‘The African Queen’ co-screenwriter James AGEE
‘The French Dispatch’ director Anderson WES
‘Why, yes!’ INDEEDIDO
‘Yes ___, Bob!’ SIREE
‘___ got your back’ IVE
‘___ I knew that!’ EVEN
A cappella group voice TENOR
Abbr. on a street sign AVE
Abound (with) TEEM
Actor who co-created the Adult Swim show ‘Robot Chicken’ SETHGREEN
Adjusted to, as the temperature level on a thermostat SETAT
Aerodynamic force opposite the thrust DRAG
Airport queue vehicle TAXI
All of the survivors on the island in ‘Lord of the Flies’ BOYS
Anvil brand in cartoons ACME
Aria performers DIVAS
Aware of, as a secret INON
Band whose song ‘Revolution 9,’ when played backward, supposedly contained the message spelled out by the first letters of this puzzle’s songs BEATLES
Beginning of history? PRE
Biden’s secretary of the interior Haaland DEB
Bones’ connection site JOINT
Brian who composed music for the video game ‘Spore’ ENO
By ___ of (due to) DINT
Castilian conqueror ELCID
Certain campus partner SUITEMATE
Channel showing MVPs ESPN
Chemical that may attract others of the same species (Usher) PHEROMONE
Co. founders, often CEOS
Covering with a plastic layer (Def Leppard) LAMINATING
Crazy Horse and Red Cloud’s people OGLALA
Create on-screen characters? TYPE
Cry at the start of the last lap ONETOGO
Crystalline collectible GEODE
Cultural sites? (Florida Georgia Line) PETRIDISHES
Digits on an IRS form SSN
Diplomat Kofi ANNAN
Double-reed woodwind OBOE
Energy, or a drink JUICE
Enthusiastic KEEN
Ex-MLB commish Bud SELIG
Existed (Interpol) LIVED
Female 94 Down DOE
Fields Medal field MATH
Fight the power REVOLT
Film director DuVernay AVA
Filthy buildup GRIME
Fragrant shrubs (Pink) MYRTLES
Gala at 8 p.m., say (Duran Duran) SOIREE
Genre for Ma Rainey and Papa Charlie McCoy BLUES
Grossed out NAUSEATED
Hair treatment PERM, TINT, RINSE
Handle one may not want to be attached to EPITHET
Hinder DETER
Hollywood spectacles EPICS
Home of the Statue of Unity (tallest statue in the world) INDIA
Idol forbidden by the Ten Commandments (Taylor Swift) GRAVENIMAGE
Illustrious NOTED
In need of nourishment UNFED
Injured things in slings ARMS
Insect on a box of Honey Nut Cheerios BEE
Insurance giant’s spokeslizard (BeyoncĂ©) GEICOGECKO
Intriguing piece of info TIDBIT
Italian salami variety (U2) GENOA
Kazan of film ELIA
Language spoken in Chiang Mai THAI
LearnedLeague content TRIVIA
Legal case’s substance MERITS
Like some engineers NAVAL
Like TV shows watched by night owls ONLATE
Make a decision SELECT
Makes busy (the New Pornographers) TIESUP
Male 94 Down STAGS
Many awards for Audra McDonald TONYS
Mixed martial artist Anderson ___ SILVA
Move like a crane SOAR
Musical intervals also known as half steps (the Guess Who) SEMITONES
Musician once in the Irish band Clannad ENYA
Never, in German NIE
New ___ (music genre) AGE
Noise from a pigeon COO
Nutritionists’ concerns DIETS
Obvious (Ed Sheeran) EVIDENT
Occasion to geek out NERDFEST
Oceanography subject SEA
Ore something? LODE
Oregon neighbor, briefly CALI
Org. that represented Muhammad Ali after his draft-evasion conviction ACLU
Otherwise ELSE
Outside the norm (the Kooks) DEVIANT
Penn station? DORM
Peter Gabriel’s band, once GENESIS
Plane’s landing hr ETA
Plants bearing grapes VINES
Precipice EDGE
Primary fight MAINEVENT
Pro vote YEA
Pulitzer-winning author Forbes ESTHER
Recurring action film role on ‘The Simpsons’ (the Jackson 5) MCBAIN
Relieves (of) RIDS
Remains undecided PENDS
Ride or die, e.g NOUN
Ring-tailed creature COATI
Rocker King ELLE
Rower’s propeller OAR
Scan in which a patient may wear headphones MRI
Schwartz who created the podcast ‘Noble Blood’ DANA
Send back, as a case (the Goo Goo Dolls) REMAND
Service period, often? SUNDAY
She’s often associated with the 127 Across ONO
Singer Sands EVIE
Skater Midori who, in 1992, became the first woman to land a triple axel at the Olympics ITO
Sleight-of-hand scam MONTE
Soccer fan’s chant OLE
Some deciduous trees ELMS
Some sorority letters XIS
Spotted lanternfly, e.g PEST
Spread, as seeds SOW
Stuff on a Q-tip’s tip COTTON
Swimmers’ competition MEET
Tale in a tome, perhaps SAGA
The band Phantogram, e.g DUO
The night before EVE
Tool placed in a bucket MOP
Transaction of borrowed stock made in anticipation of that stock’s price falling SHORTSALE
U.K. band formed in 1970 by members of the Move ELO
U.S. citizen-to-be’s subj ESL
Untangle, with ‘out’ SORT
Vaccine research org NIH
Vexed greatly ATEAT
Viciously sarcastic SNIDE
Victory lap pace TROT
Warty pond swimmer TOAD
Way too drawn-out OVERLONG
What Pilates may strengthen ABS
What TSA agents check IDS
Wide receiver’s org NFL
Wool coat FLEECE
___ District (area outside the Milwaukee Bucks’ home arena) DEER
___ nodes LYMPH
___-in-law SON