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The Washington Post Sunday – Aug 19 2018

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Clues Answers
’24’ actress Clarke SARAH
‘Am not!’ reply ARESO
‘How tragic’ SOSAD
‘Howl’ poet Ginsberg ALLEN
‘In your face!’ HAH
‘It’s the truth!’ NOLIE
‘Mad Men’ secretary ___ Blankenship IDA
‘Mr. Gehrig, exert some strength’? LOUUSEPOWER
‘Opel’ guitarist Barrett SYD
‘Time to fork over the dough!’ PAYUP
‘Too ___ Cooks’ (2014 Adult Swim viral video) MANY
‘Won’t be doing that’ NAH
A neutral one is called a neutrino LEPTON
A-C-E on a piano, e.g TRIAD
Apt relative of the interjection ‘Man!’ BOY
Aquatic vessel SUB
Bacon holder, at times PAN
Be crazy about ADORE
Big cat on a mountain PUMA
Big name in residential transactions REMAX
Bloviator’s contribution HOTAIR
Break in logic LEAP
Charismatic quality AURA
Choir member’s crew tool? ALTOOAR
Cholesterol inits HDL
Clashing things on stage EGOS
Collapsed, with ‘over’ KEELED
Compound involved in protein synthesis RNA
Cut back on flashy jewelry? CURBBLING
Diggs in ‘Chicago’ TAYE
Doctors Without Borders offering AID
Doing the hairless hustle, say? BALDDANCING
Drama about Capote TRU
Employing subterfuge SLY
Emulate a 41 Across GNAW
Exodus landmark SINAI
Explorer Marquez DORA
Exploring father of Leif ERIK
Exquisite African antelope? FINEELAND
Extracts, as with a straw SUCKS
Features of kegs TAPS
Felipe VI’s wife Letizia of EspaƱa, e.g REINA
Fervid feeling ARDOR
Filly’s parent MARE
Fire sign? EMBER
Fizzling firecrackers DUDS
Floral gift LEI
Foreshadows BODES
Fuzzy fruit KIWI
Gabrielle’s heroic TV companion XENA
Game with Skip cards UNO
George’s lyrical sibling IRA
German synth-pop singer NENA
Go like a Rocket, in a way DRIBBLE
Grind, in one’s mouth GNASH
Grp. of teachers NEA
Have fewer sword fights than everyone else? DUELLEAST
Having what it takes ABLE
High school calculus whiz who may be crowned queen? PROMMATHLETE
High-trajectory toss LOB
Hockey rink shape OVAL
Illinois River city PEORIA
Images of a cunning creature’s skeleton? FOXXRAYS
Infant’s affliction COLIC
Jack of ‘Rio Lobo’ ELAM
Judd of country NAOMI
Julia’s ‘Seinfeld’ role ELAINE
Just released NEW
Kermit’s greeting HIHO
Leaves at a bar? SALAD
Like garments on ‘Project Runway’ SEWN
Like Princeton since 1969 COED
Little devils who love spiced tea? CHAIIMPS
Little songbirds LARKS
Macho one’s bar game? STUDDARTS
Major shindig BASH
Manhattan station? PUB
Maple output SAP
Marisa of ‘Alfie’ TOMEI
Mass units, briefly KILOS
Meal ___ PLAN
Messing around in Hollywood? DEBRA
Milky Way shape SPIRAL
Ms. Gardner’s marker on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? AVASSTAR
Mtn ___ (soft drink label) DEW
Multiplied GREW
Music genre that ‘must be as ignorable as it is interesting,’ per Brian Eno AMBIENT
NBA squad long coached by Gregg Popovich SPURS
Nephew of Abel ENOS
Odessa resident TEXAN
Oklahoma city ENID
Open-mic night VIP EMCEE
Opposite of nude ATTIRED
Out of the park GONE
Paper ___ TIGER
Part of RPM PER
Patriot Brady TOM
Period of composure that lasts a long time? POISEEON
Playground injury OWIE
Preposterous INANE
Proscription BAN
Ready to go undercover? SLEEPY
Reason for Will’s arrest in ‘Good Will Hunting’ ASSAULT
Reply to a minister IDO
Requesting ASKING
Roasting locations OVENS
Robert of ‘Quincy, M.E.’ ITO
Roused from dreamland AWOKEN
Ruler who may be depicted with an ankh PHARAOH
Scurrier in a sewer RAT
Second L of LOL LOUD
Senators, e.g., but not Representatives TEAM
Setting for a novel SHELF
Setting for some Salman Rushdie books INDIA
She released ’25’ at age 27 ADELE
Skip courses FAST
Stockpiled SAVEDUP
Stooped (to) DEIGNED
Strike-zone judges UMPS
Swerve on a curve, say CAREEN
Talmud scholars RABBIS
Tater tots brand OREIDA
They hang on rims NETS
Three-vowel snack OREO
Thurman of ‘Jennifer 8’ UMA
Toxin-monitoring org EPA
Transfix AWE
Turner on an amp DIAL
Type of tennis match, and what’s spelled out by the pairs of letters added to 12 phrases in this puzzle MIXEDDOUBLES
Utterly detest ABHOR
Venomous mollusk OCTOPUS
Virgilian hero AENEAS
Virgo preceder LEO
Visibly ashamed BEETRED
Warrior in the Satsuma Rebellion of 1877 SAMURAI
Wasn’t straight up TILTED
Wave that may be generated by a volcanic eruption TSUNAMI
Without slack TAUT
Work of honor ODE
Wounded slightly BRUISED
You, in Psalms THEE
___ browns HASH
___ of the curve AHEAD