The Washington Post Sunday – Aug 22 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
‘… ___ or buts!’ ANDS
‘Babe’ director Chris NOONAN
‘Better Call Saul’ network AMC
‘Hail, Caesar!’ actor Ehrenreich ALDEN
‘Hope’ singer Parks ARLO
‘How rude of you to say such things!’ INEVER
‘I could ___ a break’ USE
‘I’ve got to ___ …’ ASK
‘No problem for me’ ICAN
‘Oh, hell!’ DAMNIT
‘Psst! Hey you!’ OVERHERE
‘Ready Player ___’ (2020 sequel novel) TWO
‘The Good Doctor’ channel ABC
‘The Princess Bride’ actor ___ Shawn WALLACE
‘The Wizard of Oz’ actor Bert LAHR
‘There must be another ___!’ WAY
‘Top ___’ (car show) GEAR
‘You get the ___’ IDEA
‘___ Eye’ QUEER
12 months before now AYEARAGO
Accessories on racks TIES
Ancient Athens’s region ATTICA
Apt rhyme of ‘space’ PLACE
Army bases? ANTHILLS
Boat propulsion tool OAR
Cause to be annoyed MIFF
Causes of suffering ILLS
Certain exfoliating skin treatment FACEPEEL
Chain that acquired Office World in 2004 STAPLES
Collide with others at a concert MOSH
Colorful cosmetic applied to some wrinkly dog? LIPSTICKONAPUG
Combine numerically ADD
Congressional districts’ VIPs REPS
Crispy snacks for a long-eared dog? BEAGLECHIPS
Cruciferous veggie KALE
Cry heard in a meadow MOO
Dangerous part of a cliff EDGE
Deal with change ADAPT
Decides that one will OPTSTO
Decorative vase URN
Decreased LOWERED
Detects with radar, say LOCATES
Devilish tykes IMPS
Dinner perception TASTE
Director Ephron or actress Dunn NORA
Dopey colleague SLEEPY
Drag queen Smalls NAOMI
Drawing implement used by a wrinkly dog? SHARPEIMARKER
Drink that can be spilled literally or figuratively TEA
Duke’s leader? ARCH
Dynamite inventor Nobel ALFRED
Eins + eins + eins DREI
Employ delaying tactics STALL
Emulated the athletes Katie Ledecky and Caeleb Dressel SWAM
Enjoy a salad, say EAT
European capital that’s home to Sobrino de Botín (the world’s oldest restaurant) MADRID
Exhausting work TOIL
Feel the effects of a dance marathon ACHE
Feel unwell AIL
Film companion of the droid BB-8 REY
Flower in many a Song dynasty painting ORCHID
Futzes (with) MESSES
Get ready, as in the OR PREP
Get rid of, with ‘off’ SLOUGH
Great Lash from Maybelline, e.g MASCARA
Hackathon creation APP
Hair-in-a-pipe problem CLOG
Have serious qualms about RUE
He composed ‘Carmina Burana’ CARLORFF
HP or IBM products PCS
Hunting dog atop a banner-bearing staff? FLAGPOLESETTER
Insufficient supply DEARTH
Kid’s insolence SASS
Kojima who directed and produced the video game ‘Death Stranding’ HIDEO
Lady with a repeated syllable in her name GAGA
Lent support to HELPED
Like i and j DOTTED
Like passes that go out of bounds ERRANT
Like switchback roads TWISTY
Losing one’s key, like a music student? ATONAL
Lost all juice, as a battery DIED
Lottery-like game KENO
Luminous celestial body STAR
Magic show feature TRICK
Magmatic deposit, at times ORE
Make a lasting impression ETCH
Make eggs, like a hen LAY
Male horse usually under the age of 4 COLT
Mannheim man’s title HERR
Maritime law drama from 1995 to 2005 JAG
Model X carmaker TESLA
Muse of music, in Greek myth EUTERPE
Namesake for many an avenue in D.C STATE
Obligation to a creditor DEBT
One cuing a chorale MAESTRO
One known for a magic number of three GENIE
Pamir Mountains area ASIA
Pen used by horses CORRAL
Pest-spotter’s shriek EEK
Political grp. hidden in ‘diplomacy’ PLO
Praising poem ODE
Program with mil. sci. courses ROTC
Pursue with romantic gestures WOO
Railroad vehicle for a commuting Chinese dog? CHOWCHOWTRAIN
Real soon ANYDAY
Record or cookie container SLEEVE
Response to Captain Kirk or Captain Picard AYESIR
Romance novel emotion DESIRE
Round-bottomed cooking pan WOK
Roz portrayer Gilpin PERI
Sea creature with three hearts OCTOPUS
Second word of RPM PER
See 21 Across ELSE
See 34 Down ALDA
Series of martial arts exercises KATA
Served, as at a wedding CATERED
Skyscraper owned by a hunting dog? TOWEROFTERRIER
Snapdragon start SEED
Song after a recitative, often ARIA
Sounded like a tiger ROARED
Spark creativity INSPIRE
Spike not allowed in indoor volleyball CLEAT
Strong body part for a ballerina LEG
Super long unit of time EON
Suppress QUASH
Term for an obnoxious dude who frequently responds to Twitter posts by mansplaining REPLYGUY
Test Track’s theme park EPCOT
Tomb raider Croft LARA
Turn 90 degrees, say ROTATE
Unaccompanied LONE
Varanasi-born Shankar RAVI
Vinyl record problem SKIP
Water dog that plays table tennis? PINGPONGPOODLE
Waxing and relaxing sites SPAS
Went (for), pricewise SOLD
Whatchamacallits DOODADS
Where you may see an actual dumpster fire ALLEY
With 114 Across, Hawkeye Pierce’s portrayer on ‘M.A.S.H.’ ALAN
With 27 Across, ‘Not me!’ SOMEONE
Woeful cry on stage ALAS
Write (down) quickly JOT
WWII battle city that’s an anagram of LOST STLO
Yo La Tengo musician Kaplan IRA
___ design WEB

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