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The Washington Post Sunday – Aug 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘… ___, a motor that gives you the power to watch the ‘Positively Entertaining’ channel’ IONENGINE
‘… ___, a refreshing drink for when you’re refreshing pages on your iPad’ APPLEJUICE
‘… ___, our fashionable line of kilts for British auto drivers’ MINISKIRTS
‘… ___. Need to move your belongings but can’t afford to rent a van or a truck? Here’s our inexpensive alternative: Birds!’ BUDGETHAWKS
‘… ___: Because you deserve treats for driving our fuel-efficient vehicles’ SMARTCOOKIES
‘… ___: Fill up a tank with gas, then fill up another tank with bass’ SHELLFISH
‘… ___: Tasteful kitchen flooring to go with our tasty sandwiches’ SUBWAYTILES
‘… ___: What better way to enjoy our electronics than with our homemade cheese?’ SHARPCHEDDAR
‘Check,’ in poker IPASS
‘Chopped’ participant CHEF
‘Dracula’ or ‘Frankenstein,’ e.g NOVEL
‘Get the intruder, Fido!’ SICEM
‘I can’t hear you!’ LOUDER
‘Many moons ___ …’ AGO
‘Now introducing our newest product, ___, the perfect software for scanning PDFs onto building blocks’ ADOBEBRICKS
‘Oh, stop whining!’ BOOHOO
‘Scrumptious!’ DELISH
‘To ___ their own’ EACH
‘You’ve got that right’ YES
1920 Colette work CHERI
1952 and 1963 U.S. Open champ Julius BOROS
1975 Wimbledon winner ASHE
Aboard a frigate, e.g ASEA
About ASTO
Actress Garr or Polo TERI
Adder product VENOM
Anthony Bourdain’s channel, once CNN
AP English exam component ESSAY
Arrange for SEETO
Assistant on the Hill AIDE
Backpack-carrying explorer DORA
Badge-issuing org BSA
Banded stone AGATE
Barrett of gossip RONA
Bryce Harper, in 2012 ROOKIE
Build up AMASS
Bumper sticker word featured alongside symbols of religion and peace COEXIST
Burden-bearing equines ASSES
Buyers’ concerns COSTS
Card for a king JESTER
Carpentry leveler SHIM
CD half? DISC
Clickable symbol ICON
Colorful avian mimic MACAW
Completely resolute DEADSET
Conflict in the heavens AIRWAR
Crack, so to speak DECIPHER
Crony CHUM
D&D baddie OGRE
Did excavation work DUG
Disorderly display MESS
Düsseldorf’s river RHINE
Dutch party wheel EDAM
DVD player maker RCA
Editorial slip-up ERRATUM
Emulates some Winter Olympians SKIS
Epic with Achilles ILIAD piece RECAP
Expanse featuring yurts GOBI
Facial spots SPAS
Facial spots ACNE
Fast Break candy brand REESES
Fix, as loose laces RETIE
Game 1 pitchers, often ACES
Get cracking START
Happy hour handout BARMENU
Heavy measure TON
Henderson’s state NEVADA
Holiday Inn offering ROOM
Hope that one will SEEKTO
Industrial ___ ARTS
Intentionally avoid SHUN
Interstate structure RAMP
Iris site EYE
Irises’ supporters STEMS
Is able to help decide HASASAY
Ives’s partner CURRIER
Justice Sotomayor SONIA
Knocked off the track DERAILED
Language that includes Greenlandic dialects INUIT
Letter-drops? ERASES
Like Goldfinger EVIL
Like insult comics’ jokes SNIDE
Made up (for) ATONED
Magic show cry VOILA
Majors in acting LEE
Makeshift weapon SHIV
Moved like a meteor ARCED
Much-desired area on a hot summer day SHADE
Nile reptiles ASPS
No-no at some intersections UTURN
No-worries state EASE
Notable noble family of Florence MEDICI
Novgorod negative NYET
Odds or evens, e.g PLURAL
Oil-rich region ARABIA
One accepting a counter offer? CLERK
Orchestrate anew RESCORE
Ordered BADE
Orthopedic surgery sites, at times ANKLES
Part of some costumes MASK
Parted parties EXES
Pieces of meet? EVENTS
Poker champ Ungar STU
Prepare, as pea soup PUREE
Prepared to surf, say LOGGEDON
PT regimen REHAB
Radiant quality AURA
Screen material MESH
See 131 Across BRADY
Service period STINT
Short family member? SIB
Six-time all-star Moises ALOU
Small jazz combo TRIO
Small picture containers LOCKETS
Some party drinks SODAS
Sophia of ‘El Cid’ LOREN
Sparkling wine region ASTI
Spurs great Duncan TIM
Stephen of ‘Sisters’ REA
Storage unit unit BIN
Subject of hostage negotiation talks RANSOM
Subjects of fan fiction IDOLS
Subsidiary of the French automaker Groupe PSA OPEL
Surrealist Magritte RENE
Surrealist Paul KLEE
Take a trip TRAVEL
Tea container CUP
Team that drafted Bryce Harper, briefly NATS
Team trying to hit home runs over the Green Monster, briefly BOSOX
The Daily Beast writer ___ Madison III IRA
To the letter EXACT
Unbridled elation GLEE
Vessel cruising over a frozen lake ICEBOAT
Walks confidently STRUTS
Way of saying ‘Look over here!’ to a parent HEYMOM
What ends a threat? ELSE
Wild sorts MANIACS
With 24 Down, Patriot admired by many in New England TOM
Woes of the world ILLS
Word uttered when a player runs out of letters in Bananagrams PEEL
___ of the game AHEAD