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The Washington Post Sunday – Aug 30 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘A profound source of spirituality,’ per Carl Sagan SCIENCE
‘Alas …’ SADLY
‘Arrested Development’ actress with a side job amusing monarchs? JESSICAWALTER
‘Coming to America’ protagonist AKEEM
‘Doctor Zhivago’ actor Sharif OMAR
‘Guitar Hero’ challenges SOLOS
‘In a moment’ SOON
‘Long may ___ reign’ SHE
‘Love in the Time of ___’ (Márquez novel) CHOLERA
‘Short ___ to Screwball Women’ (Rachel Wetzsteon poem) ODE
‘The Old Man and the Sea’ actor with a side job gathering intel? SPENCERTRACY
‘The ___’ (Mr. T series) ATEAM
‘Titans’ and ‘Vikings,’ e.g SHOWS
‘Washington: A Life’ biographer Chernow RON
‘___ we forget’ LEST
12 Down, e.g ILLNESS
2004 film inspired by Rosalind Wiseman’s book ‘Queen Bees and Wannabes’ MEANGIRLS
2006 Woman of Courage Award recipient DiFranco ANI
Actor ___ Arnaz Jr DESI
Adviser to Barack Obama with a side job parking cars? VALERIEJARRETT
Arthur’s foster father in ‘The Sword in the Stone’ ECTOR
Auto racer Bobby RAHAL
Available, at a bar ONTAP
Bejeweled accessories TIARAS
Big bunch PASSEL
Cadbury competitor NESTLE
Cause of an explosion TNT, IRE
Cheney played by Amy Adams in ‘Vice’ LYNNE
Chicago-style hot dog topping RELISH
Christmas concert tunes NOELS
Coastal bodies of water BAYS
Comic-___ (big San Diego gathering) CON
Courtroom recitals OATHS
Cousins of coyotes JACKALS
Crashing businesses? INNS
Currency signified as € EURO
Day on film sets, once DORIS
Dead set against ANTI
Deli bread selection RYE
Deliberately ignore SHUN
Did a great job on ACED
Direct call number HOTLINE
Diva’s preparation ARIA
Doctor textbooks, say EDIT
Done to a ___ TEE
Drake, e.g DUCK
Draw upon USE
Equivalent of three feet ONEYARD
Figure in many a Greek tragedy ORACLE
Football game flipper COIN
Ford flaw, say DENT
Former Disney CEO with a side job collecting ore? MICHAELEISNER
Free of troubles SERENE
Freezes HALTS
French utopian socialist with a side job delivering messages? CHARLESFOURIER
G.H. ___ (name on champagne bottles) MUMM
Gazillions ATON
Getting the wrong idea ERRING
Guitar relative LUTE
Hangs around LOITERS
Hardcore sects CULTS
He ‘cometh’ on stage ICEMAN
He keeps his brain sharp ‘by eating a crossword puzzle every day,’ per Garfield ODIE
Healthy HALE
High nesting space AERIE
Humongous OCEANIC
Hurried escapes LAMS
In after a time out? RETRO
In the center of AMID
In the fashion of ALA
Island nation where ‘Gladiator’ was filmed MALTA
Knitting expert, e.g CRAFTER
Language of Phuket THAI
Left outside? WEST
Li’l individuals WEEUNS
Library fixtures DESKS
Like Mel Brooks comedies MADCAP
Looming AHEAD
Make more valuable ENRICH
Mandatory thing NEED
Manga artist Junji ITO
Material obtained from coal TAR
Movie star, e.g IDOL
Mysterious vibe AURA
Nation whose flag depicts a Maasai shield KENYA
NBA legend with a side job laying brick? MAGICJOHNSON
Opened a tad AJAR
Opera singer with a side job fighting in the armed forces? MARILYNHORNE
Opulent ORNATE
Overnight travel option REDEYE
People of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation UTE
Period in the geologic time scale EON
Pertaining to vision OCULAR
Philadelphia NHL pro FLYER
Picked CHOSE
Piece of fishing gear REEL
Piece of music? VERSE
Poke bowl tuna AHI
Possesses, archaically HATH
Press secretary for George W. Bush with a side job firing at circular targets? ARIFLEISCHER
Promo cost ADRATE
Provokes, at recess DARES
Pureed meat spread PATE
Purloined STOLE
Put into motion ACTUATE
Putrid stuff FILTH
Quick snap? PIC
Rankled relentlessly ATEAT
Rap battle battler EMCEE
Rapid troop movements SORTIES
Rapids vehicle CANOE
River obstruction DAM
River through Uganda NILE
Roosevelt played by Olivia Williams in ‘Hyde Park on Hudson’ ELEANOR
Sandwich buns? ARSE
Ship posts MASTS
Small circus runners FLEAS
Soup kitchen item POT
Spruces (up) TIDIES
Stampeder in ‘The Lion King’ GNU
Staple of vocal jazz SCAT
State where the band Slipknot formed IOWA
Supernatural charm MOJO
Sushi fish EEL
Talk and talk and talk GAB
Tapers off LESSENS
Tasks in mystery novels CASES
Tattoo parlor stock INKS
Theme park since 1982 EPCOT
Third word of CPU UNIT
Ticket buyer’s leftover STUB
Trouble WOE
Turn, as a turnip ROT
U.S. Davis Cup captain, 1981-1985 ASHE
Under consideration INMIND
Video game bonus EASTEREGG
Volcano whose name is spelled in street names? ETNA
Volkswagen model that debuted in 1979 JETTA
Wheel-spinning rodent GERBIL
___ vera juice ALOE