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The Washington Post Sunday – Dec 2 2018

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Clues Answers
‘But every so ___ …’ OFTEN
‘Chiquitita’ band ABBA
‘Elf’ co-star James CAAN
‘Have anything ___ to share?’ ELSE
‘Hick’ actor Baldwin ALEC
‘If ___ I’d known!’ ONLY
‘In other words …’ I{ME}AN
‘Light of the heavens and the earth,’ per the Koran ALLAH
‘Lost’ place ISLE
‘New Fool at an Old Game’ singer McEntire REBA
‘Oh, what a surprise!’ BY{JO}VE
‘Once and Again’ actress Ward SELA
‘The Bonesetter’s Daughter’ author AM{YT}AN
‘The Piano’ actress Anna PAQU{IN}
‘You take care of yourself out there’ BESA{FE}
Acrobatic AGILE
Activate BEG{IN}
Actor Max Jr BAER
Adventurous one’s quality {ME}TTLE
After the hour PAST
Aisle walker US{HE}R
Angler’s item REEL
Aquarium growth ALGAE
Article of cutlery KNI{FE}
Attendance call reply HERE
Aviator Earhart A{ME}LIA
Burst of electricity JOLT
Danish coast feature FJORD
Deadly ‘Impaler’ VLAD
Derulo of pop and R&B JA{SO}N
Designer’s choice STYLE
Detonation sites, once A{TO}LLS
Display ARRAY
Dolphins uniform color AQUA
Domain AREA
Drunk, in slang BLO{TT}O
Dull discomfort ACHE
Dynamite stuff, briefly NITRO
Easier said ___ done THAN
Eckhart of ‘Sully’ AARON
Eggs, on Halloween AMMO
Emerald Bay’s lake TAHOE
Employ a dagger STAB
Emulate a moth FLIT
Engages in litigation SUES
Enlightened about ONTO
Entertaining Del Rey LANA
Erogenous zone named for Ernst Gräfenberg {GS}POT
Eschew hard work LOAF
Establishments that offer belts DOJOS
Ethiopian’s neighbor SOMA{LI}
Evade detection, in a way LURK
Exaggerated account TALE
Exemplar IDEAL
Extremes ENDS
Flour ___ (tiny pest that feeds on grain) MITE
Gel ingredient, maybe ALOE
Gluttons PIGS
Go without OMIT
Greek fabulist AESOP
Hammer wielder THOR
Hard-shell food, maybe {TA}COS
He-Man’s asset MIGHT
Hebrew Bible kingdom JUDAH
Hells Canyon state, in part IDAHO
Henri’s ‘ta-ta’ ADIEU
Hint of Limburger cheese? ODOR
Hit on the noggin CONK
Honey-glazed items HAMS
Hop into the tub BA{TH}E
Hotel keycard opening SLOT
Huck’s conveyance RAFT
Hue of a clear sky AZURE
Identify NAME
Imaginary line through Earth AXIS
Implements in shop class SAWS
Imposing naval force FLEET
In existence REAL
Indian wood sources TEAKS
Inoculation amount DOSE
Intentional loss, in boxing slang DIVE
Internet access method CABLE
Intimidating brute OGRE
Inviting door sign ENTER
Iron Man’s alter ego Tony ___ STARK
It gets set by a judge BAIL
It may be free RIDE
It’ll take you for a spin EDDY