The Washington Post Sunday – Dec 9 2018

Clues Answers
‘As I said before …’ AGAIN
‘Black-ish’ dad DRE
‘Community’ actress ___ Nicole Brown YVETTE
‘Going somewhere?’ NEEDARIDE
‘Helicopter’ fruit source MAPLE
‘Kill Bill’ bodyguard with a repetitive name GOGO
‘La Loge’ painter RENOIR
‘Let’s suppose …’ WHATIF
‘Lethal Weapon 2’ actress Patsy KENSIT
‘Mr. Show’ bits SKITS
‘Other guesses?’ ANYONEELSE
‘Sounds like a plan!’ IMIN
‘The Sound of Music’ song featuring solfege DOREMI
‘Two magic words that galvanized the world,’ per Tarana Burke in 2018 METOO
‘Yours truly has arrived’ ITISI
‘___ an idea!’ THERES
1975 inductee into the National Inventors Hall of Fame (103 years after he died) MORSE
2018 Best New Artist Grammy winner Alessia CARA
24 Across or 67 Across, e.g TREE
Action film fan’s sensation THRILL
Adidas competitor AVIA
Antepenultimate section of ‘Crime and Punishment’ PARTV
Apple picker’s market? APPSTORE
Argue (with) SPAR
Arthur once on clay ASHE
Autopsy’s genre, aptly DEATHMETAL
Baltic metropolis RIGA
Banking expert? POOLSHARK
Beautify ADORN
Became exhausted RANOUT
Benefits recipient MEMBER
Big name in skin care ESTEE
Bloom with rays ASTER
Budget ___ CUTS
Buttercup family plant with threadlike leaves resembling a rodent’s appendage MOUSETAIL
Cash-on-demand message? RANSOMNOTE
Chicago-born crime fighter NESS
Clinical research stage PHASE
Closing document DEED
Comedic true-crime podcast hosted by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark MYFAVORITEMURDER
Complimentary piece ODE
Destroy, as the patriarchy SMASH
Do top/notch work? SEW
Doctor for whom a D.C.-area military medical center is named WALTERREED
Dramatic drop NOSEDIVE
Educator Braille LOUIS
Enterprise business RENTACAR
Enticed WILED
Euro division CENT
Event with many addresses SYMPOSIUM
Fangorn Forest folk ENTS
Fellows in factories FOREMEN
Figure in a red fez SHRINER
Former world chess champion Viswanathan ANAND
Fourth little piggy’s amount NONE
Fries beef, say SAUTES
Game with a foul line and a backboard HORSESHOES
Great ___ (bird) EGRET
Hadhramaut’s home YEMEN
Hallucinogenic letters PCP
Higgs’s particle BOSON
High point CREST
Holdup SNAG
Hunting garb, briefly CAMO
Ike’s opponent ADLAI
Informal contraction AINT
Inner tube? INTESTINE
Invited for a visit ASKEDOVER
It’s-time link ABOUT
Kay Thompson’s brat ELOISE
Kindled anew RELIT
Label for many infomercial products ASSEENONTV
Late-night cycle initials REM
Lerner’s collaborator LOEWE
Lifted, as wares STOLE
Like some milk POWDERED
Look daggers (at) GLARE
Lunar theorist Brahe TYCHO
Mathematician Poincaré HENRI
Meal in which chametz is forbidden SEDER
Measure of wealth inequality INCOMEGAP
Metaphor for an introvert’s demeanor SHELL
Mexican gray wolves LOBOS
Model home shown in December? GINGERBREADHOUSE
Name in ambient music ENO
Nintendo antihero with the same name as a Nintendo hero except for an inverted first letter WARIO
Not fully functional IMPAIRED
Nursery container PLANTER
One of the village people? IDIOT
Option for treating a refractive error LASIK
OSIRIS-REx launcher, 2016 NASA
Perch by a tap BARSEAT
Piercing spots, for some NIPPLES
Plans for one’s wedding SETSADATE
Politico played by Fey in 2008 PALIN
Put into a group ASSORT
Quan Thanh Temple city HANOI
Random caller AUTODIALER
Rhyming German drink RHINEWINE
Royal coups? NOHITGAMES
Scottish form of John IAN
Screen time for a child, e.g PRIVILEGE
Scuba tanks’ hookups AIRHOSES
Second lady before Jill LYNNE
She served as the president’s interpreter on a 2016 trip to Cuba MALIAOBAMA
Shocking development of the 1970s TASER
Soprano who listened to (but didn’t sing) ‘Con Te Partiro’ CARMELA
Spend some time on the beach, say BASK
Sprite rival SIERRAMIST
Start of a Jewish folk song HAVA
Strength for a Tough Mudder competitor STAMINA
Subject of many essays by W.E.B. Du Bois RACE
Subject of the laws of thermodynamics ENERGY
Summit objective PACT
Surfing locale? SITE
Swamped, say TIEDUP
Swarming annoyance GNAT
Symbol of Lebanon CEDAR
Tapering top SPIRE
Travel guide listings INNS
Treasured LOVED
Turn’s partner TOSS
What comes before all? AFTER
When Shylock says, ‘If you prick us, do we not bleed?’ in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ ACTIII
Without heat, so to speak UNARMED
___ jacket PEA

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