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The Washington Post Sunday – February 17 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Carmina Burana’ composer ORFF
‘Gosh, that’s painful!’ YOWIE
‘It ___ my pleasure’ WAS
‘Let’s hear the story!’ DOTELL
‘That delights me!’ IMSOGLAD
‘___ Than a Feeling’ (Boston classic) MORE
*Group of clerical workers OFFICESTAFF
*Highest level of NCAA competition DIVISIONI
*Highly hectic TUMULTUOUS
*House opposite Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin HUFFLEPUFF
*Like a perfectly filled-in crossword puzzle ERRORFREE
*Mission-critical workspace CONTROLROOM
*Ornamental objects KNICKKNACKS
*Stern and businesslike NONONSENSE
*Terminated with no exit, as a street DEADENDED
*Waters bordering India’s western coast ARABIANSEA
*What may be viewed during a lunar eclipse BLOODMOON
1 ___ = 43,560 square feet ACRE
10 percent of XXX III
1982 Disney sci-fi film TRON
9 to 5, e.g ODDS
Abundant RIFE
Acronym in commerce NAFTA
Albacore’s appendage FIN
Antique autos REOS
Assists feloniously ABETS
Assume the role of ACTAS
Auditory ossicle EARBONE
Beetle silencer MUFFLER
Biking or hiking locale TRAIL
Bit of a loaf CRUMB
Bounded LEAPT
Brick baking in the sun ADOBE
Cardinal, e.g., or a Cardinal rival RED
Carnation ring, maybe LEI
Castel ___ (Naples attraction that means ‘new castle’) NUOVO
Causing sorrow DOLEFUL
Clerical vestment ALB
Clips, as locks TRIMS
Cloudless period CLEARDAY
Comaneci with medals NADIA
Come to the fore ARISE
Covert ___ OPS
D.C.-born rapper with the 2013 hit ‘Bad’ WALE
Dahab’s peninsula SINAI
Dice game played with three six-sided dice CEELO
Die marking PIP
Discovery of mine? ORE
Drug test sample stuff URINE
Enclose, as with posts FENCEIN
Felix of a 1970s sitcom UNGER
Finishes, as a road TARS
Fires off, as a text SENDS
First name in jazz ETTA
First name in jazz ELLA
First name of Dr. No and Dr. J JULIUS
Fixed zodiac sign LEO
Flat-topped formation MESA
Folded fiesta fare TACO
Former energy company profiled in the 2002 book ‘Pipe Dreams’ ENRON
French airport that’s in either Paris or Lyon? ORLY
Game with 113 Down cards UNO
Go for the gold, say? DYE
Guinness once on stage ALEC
Have debts OWE
Herbal beverage holder TEAPOT
High schooler’s woe ACNE
Hold ’em action BET
Hot state? SNIT
Icon on-screen with another icon, e.g COSTAR
Imprint, as on metal ENGRAVE
In a bit, to Browning ANON
Insects that may form rafts ANTS
Instrument featured in Mozart’s K. 191 concerto in B-flat BASSOON
Instrument for Alan-a-Dale in ‘Robin Hood’ LUTE
Intestinal microbes ECOLI
It’s parallel to a radius ULNA
Jackie Brown portrayer PAMGRIER
Keeper’s place INN
Keystone lawman KOP
Letter before Bravo ALFA
Like Fear, in ‘Inside Out,’ aptly TIMID
Like mozzarella sticks FRIED
Like the Lilliputians in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ TINY
Livens, with ‘up’ PEPS
Material on a mattress LINEN
Middle-earth giants ENTS
Music streaming service with a Discover Weekly playlist feature SPOTIFY
Nabisco brand that makes pie crusts NILLA
Nearly shut AJAR
Noise heard in a jam HONK
Olympic diving move FLIP
Optimistic ROSY
Org. parodied on ‘Futurama’ as protectors of the rights to own ray guns NRA
Packing a real kick POTENT
Pal of J.D., Turk and Carla on ‘Scrubs’ ELLIOT
Part of a galvanic cell ANODE
Pass over SKIP
Powerful hand, and what’s spelled out by the most frequently occurring letters in the starred clues’ answers FOUROFAKIND
Prey for a polar bear SEAL
Private Mormon sch BYU
Proceeding in a twisty way SNAKING
Production with skits REVUE
Renoir contemporary MONET
Retrievers’ receivers VETS
Sci-fi reading skill? ESP
Scout’s interlacement KNOT
Screen actor? USER
Screenwriter Vardalos NIA
Setting of several Solzhenitsyn novels USSR
Sites of small orbits ATOMS
Small thing you inherit GENE
Solution in a printer TONER
Some gametes OVA
Some green-winged ducks TEALS
Spin-the-bottle request KISSME
Stout sleuth Wolfe NERO
Stuff to the gills SATE
Suit well BEFIT
Takes on black diamonds, say SKIS
Takes seconds, say EATS
The 8 from 9 to 5: Abbr HRS
They may provide defense for knights ROOKS
They rotate at barbecues SPITS
Thrash about wildly FLAIL
To a smaller degree LESSSO
Tuna sandwich veggie CELERY
Type of golf tournament PROAM
Unanimously ASONE
Uppercut sound effect KAPOW
Venomous serpent ADDER
Weapon detonated on Enewetak Atoll in 1952, briefly HBOMB
West ___ POINT
Where to get a 7 and 7 for $0.00 OPENBAR
WXYZ button, on a cell NINE
You, to you SELF
Zaps, as leftovers REWARMS
___ Beauty (model Banks’s skin-care brand) TYRA
___ Heinz (food giant) KRAFT
___ Valley (city in Ventura County) SIMI