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The Washington Post Sunday – Jul 22 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Cosmic Ark’ console ATARI
‘Excellent!’ SWEET
‘Friends’ friend PHOEBE
‘I see what you did there!’ OHO
‘I swear …’ BYGOD
‘Nature’ essayist EMERSON
‘Plus others,’ briefly ETAL
‘Start this Nintendo game again’ button RESET
‘Want me to?’ SHALLI
‘What a pity,’ quaintly ALAS
‘You ___!’ (‘That’s not true!’) LIE
‘___ out, dude!’ FAR
20-sided D&D objects DICE
Acadia automaker GMC
Actress Sobieski with a repetitive first name LEELEE cart entry ITEM
Ancient war epic AENEID
Apt rhyme of ‘stash’ CACHE
Aquablade suit maker SPEEDO
Artist who was initially a rapper? MCESCHER
Author who was initially a law enforcement official? PDJAMES
Author who was initially a lawyer? JDSALINGER
Author who was initially a PC technician? HPLOVECRAFT
Author who was initially an American League batter? DHLAWRENCE
Backboard attachment RIM
Baldwin of ‘The Edge’ ALEC
Bears’ and Lions’ org NFC
Beasts observed from underwater cages SHARKS
Becomes ashen PALES
Behaving immaturely PUERILE
Big bird of the outback EMU
Bit of barracks furniture COT
Bit of dressage gear BRIDLE
Blue bird, at times JAY
Bond’s portrayer in ‘Licence to Kill’ DALTON
Bygone Iranian rulers SHAHS
Calligraphy flourish SERIF
Cause of some trips LSD
Cell with ooplasm OVUM
Central California city FRESNO
Certain jacket material SUEDE
Chart checkers, briefly MDS
Church instrument without pipes REEDORGAN
Classic tattoo word MOM
Close one PAL
Colorful tank denizen TETRA
Comedian who was initially a plumber fixing British toilets? WCFIELDS
Commoners, with ‘the’ MASSES
Considerable stretch EON
Considerably ALOT
Contented utterance AHH
Copy in a museum REPLICA
Cornmeal dish HOECAKE
Declamation of vexation RANT
Did a cardio exercise JOGGED
Disorderly jumbles MESSES
Dude BRO
Duplicated, sci-fi style CLONED
Elmer’s substance GLUE
Elon Musk, e.g TYCOON
Envision SEE
Even a little ATALL
Exchanged rings WED
FedEx alternative UPS
Fights (for) VIES
Florida Rep. Hastings ALCEE
Former E! series focusing on Ms. Jenner’s life after her gender transition IAMCAIT
Former forensics drama CSI
Four Noble Truths of Buddhism, e.g TENETS
G neighbor AFLAT
Clues Answers
Gave a casual greeting SAIDHI
Gives people inexpensive diamonds? DEALS
Go for a dip, say GETWET
Gravy server LADLE
Hankerings YENS
Hertfordshire’s neighbor ESSEX
Hoppy beverage, briefly IPA listing RATE
Jockey who won Triple Crowns with Whirlaway and Citation ARCARO
Joseph’s role in ‘Snowden’ EDWARD
Lacking effectiveness FEEBLE
Like asters RAYED
Like some showers, and a homophone of 105 Across BRIDAL
Liver secretion BILE
Lord of the rings, at times? GYMNAST
Lucy’s sitcom friend ETHEL
Maximally cheerless DREARIEST
Mind ___ matter OVER
Move a bit STIR
NBA player who was initially a cooling-system repairman? ACGREEN
Nuclear distance unit FERMI
Offensive or defensive football players LINEMEN
Old text-messaging system TELEX
Performer with a cape TORERO
Pete Davidson’s sketch show, briefly SNL
Poet who was initially a professional designing power grids and robots? EECUMMINGS
Poet who was initially an executive of the ‘Felicity’ network? WBYEATS
Pool table fabric FELT
Previously named NEE
Psychic’s gift, briefly ESP
Pup squeaks YIPS
Quarterback who was initially a writer of fiction for adolescents? YATITTLE
Recess opposite a narthex APSE
Regarding, on a memo INRE
Running character in a 1998 German thriller LOLA
Scopes trial org ACLU
Score break REST
Seafarer’s guide BEACON
See 71 Down TIM
Self-grooming pets CATS
Shepherd slain by Cain ABEL
Shore thing DUNE
Showman who was initially a health-care worker helping patients regain movement? PTBARNUM
Sidecar site BAR
Smelled really foul STANK
Sonata conclusion CODA
Source of Heart beats? DRUM
Sports equipment company co-founder who was initially the head of the DOJ? AGSPALDING
Starting pay in Vegas? ANTE
Stat that may go to 5.0 GPA
Stinger automaker KIA
Strike lightly TAPON
Strongly long (for) YEARN
Sudden rushes SPATES
Supply, as artificial crowd noise PIPEIN
Swimming units LAPS
Teary-eyed MISTY
Theme park freebie MAP
Ticker chambers ATRIA
Uncouth sort LOUT
Vintage auto letters REO
Volunteer’s offer AID
Weather forecast data HIGHS
Whom aunts may visit NIECES
With 76 Down, Cratchit bearing a crutch TINY
Wordsmith’s reference ROGETS
[It’s hopeless] SIGH
[Stay back, human] GRR
___ fixe IDEE
___ hygiene ORAL
___ New Guinea PAPUA
___ Sisters (‘Macbeth’ trio) WEIRD