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The Washington Post Sunday – Jul 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘A Fall of Moondust’ author CLARKE
‘Back to the Future’ films, e.g TRILOGY
‘Ernest Saves Christmas’ character SANTA
‘Georgia on My Mind’ singer Willie NELSON
‘I know! Pick me!’ OHOH
‘Mrs. Lennon’ singer ONO
‘Skyrim’ humanoids ORCS
‘That was my experience as well’ IDIDTOO
‘Today’ co-host ___ Lee Gifford KATHIE
‘Valley of the Dolls’ author Jacqueline SUSANN
‘Who knew!’ GEE
1977 Scott Turow work ONEL
Achieve success ARRIVE
Actor Wallach ELI
Adorkable sort GEEK
Alley division LANE
Altar area APSE
Amasses, as debt RUNSUP
Animal in a shrewdness APE
Await judgment PEND
Back-of-the-text text BLURB
Baja Fresh order TACO
Bana of ‘Funny People’ ERIC
Bane for Lady Macbeth SPOT
Became trite GOTOLD
Belittle bigwigs? POOHPOOHPOOHBAHS
Boorish sort LOUT
Box ___ (dance) STEP
Break bread, say? CHEW
Brie seen at Hollywood parties ALISON
Budget overseer, briefly CFO
Bull’s sticker HORN
Burkina Faso neighbor TOGO
Casting director? WITCH
Cephalic vein site ARM
Cheerleading toy dog? POMPOMPOMERANIAN
Chicago Wolves’ org AHL
Coin words? MOTTO
Comic strip bully whom Bill Watterson described as ‘every jerk I’ve ever known’ MOE
Comic’s creations GAGS
Condition treated by cognitive behavioral therapy, briefly OCD
Corporation that owns the Willy Wonka Candy Factory NESTLE
Creation myth figure GOD
Croc or mule, e.g SHOE
Cry after a tee shot FORE
Currency coded as MXN PESO
Deck with Strength TAROT
Diplomatic objective PACT
Discontinued iPods NANOS
Dogon people’s nation MALI
Dress size category PETITE
Emotionally volatile MOODY
Emulate a politician, in a way ORATE
Errand runner who’s full of energy? GOGOGOFER
Far from consistent ERRATIC
First name among fast-food clowns RONALD
Fit for cultivation ARABLE
Fought somebody THREWDOWN
Fred and Wilma’s snorkasaurus DINO
Furry sitcom character ALF
Gorge where one does a kicking dance? CANCANCANYON
Gulf state dignitary EMIR
Handle roughly MAUL
Harrison of ‘Cleopatra’ REX
Heavy weight ONUS
Herding pooch COLLIE
Hoped that one would AIMEDTO
Horseplay with a percussion instrument? TOMTOMTOMFOOLERY
How sweet and sour chicken may be served ONRICE
Hydrometallurgy need ORE
In a dejected state MOPEY
In days of yore ONCE
Clues Answers
It sparked colonial protests in 1773 TEATAX
Jigoro Kano’s discipline JUDO
Jockey Eddie ARCARO
John, to Prince William LOO
Just make (out) EKE
Killed off characters? ERASED
Letters to a creditor IOU
Like grass at sunrise DEWY
Like some chili powder MILD
Like the humor of ‘The Full Monty’ RACY
Likely APT
Literary character who said, ‘There is no charm equal to tenderness of heart’ EMMA
Long-lasting style PERM
Make of Silvercar cars AUDI
Maryland’s state bird ORIOLE
Member of the love triangle in the ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ book ‘Triangle: Imzadi II’ TROI
Messy locales STIES
Microbrewery fixture TAP
Minnesota’s state bird LOON
Molokai menu item POI
More agreeable NICER
More devious SLYER
Move like a kangaroo HOP
NBA team member? REF
Neither this ___ that NOR
Netflix choice SHOW
Nights before EVES
Noise from Narnia’s Aslan ROAR
Note used in Naples EURO
Nuclear fuel container ROD
Oscar-nominated portrayer of Juno MacGuff ELLENPAGE
Parking places LOTS
Penalty after a return, perhaps LATEFEE
Pennsylvania port on the St. Lawrence Seaway ERIE
Person taking reservations MAITRED
Potsie player Williams ANSON
Restaurant invader RAT
Revolutionary Allen ETHAN
Right field? ETHICS
Sacha Baron Cohen character … or an Arizona river flowing north? ALIG
Scrabble squares TILES
Season that’s good for both parties involved? WINWINWINTER
Send along PASSON
Sends, as payment REMITS
Serve a sentence DOTIME
Sextet plus three NONET
Sign of a rotting egg ODOR
Situation after a couple of tags TWOOUT
SoCal area that holds an annual Mexican Independence Day parade and festival EASTLA
Sole food? BAIT
Spiny-leafed plant ALOE
Start a program anew RELOAD
Substance in an engine OIL
Téa of ‘Spanglish’ LEONI
Tender in Tokyo YEN
They’re held by Lady Justice SCALES
Transferred, as a title DEEDED
Trunks in museums TORSOS
Union admission of 1890 IDAHO
Utter, in the Bible SAYEST
Wade’s court opponent ROE
Website documenting fake news SNOPES
West Coast conference until 2011 when its number grew to 12 PACTEN
West Coast wine valley SONOMA
Where extinct birds were trained in karate? DODODOJOS
Wild lobster relative? CRAYCRAYCRAYFISH
Writ ___ LARGE
Yellowfin, on a menu AHI
___ boss MOB
___ capita income PER
___ capitalism CRONY
___ Thins OREO