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The Washington Post Sunday – Jul 8 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Amour’ Oscar nominee Emmanuelle RIVA
‘Even ordinary people can do great things’ NOTALLHEROESWEARCAPES
‘Hang on, we should rethink this …’ OHWAIT
‘Hey, bro!’ YODUDE
‘How ___ you?’ COULD
‘The Magic Mountain’ setting ALPS
‘The Water Engine’ playwright David MAMET
‘We need to be realistic about this’ LETSNOTGETCARRIEDAWAY
‘Whatcha Say’ singer JASONDERULO
1996 No. 2 single by Donna Lewis ILOVEYOUALWAYSFOREVER
2007 Mascot Hall of Fame inductee MRMET
Above 100, say HOT
Actor in ‘Before Sunrise,’ ‘Before Sunset’ and ‘Before Midnight’ HAWKE
Aerosmith singer Tyler STEVEN
American white ___ (long-billed bird) IBIS
Android transmission EMAIL
Anticipatory occasions EVES
Antiwar activist Tom HAYDEN
Apple provider SERPENT
Arranged, as locks STYLED
Artist who created the ‘Apocalypse’ series of woodcuts DURER
Astronomical spans EONS
Becomes firm JELLS
Big brand of 7 Across LEVIS
Black marks, perhaps BLOTS
Blackens, as a T-bone CHARS
Blender button PUREE
Change the handle of RENAME
City where Jules Verne was born NANTES
Cochise’s people APACHE
College board? MEALS
College program for potential majors, briefly ROTC
Come to light EMERGE
Composer of the opera ‘Orlando Furioso’ VIVALDI
Concession stand buys SODAS
Conducted, as war WAGED
Connect (with) LIAISE
Connoisseur MAVEN
Crew in the cast of ‘Silicon Valley’ AMANDA
Demonstrated frugality SAVED
Doesn’t just show PLACES
Entertain DIVERT
Exact payment for AVENGE
Figures (out) SUSSES
Flamboyant flair PANACHE
For now PROTEM
Foreman’s combo ONETWO
Garment with an ‘acid wash’ variety JEANS
Genre for Jawbreaker EMO
Get a Bug off a shoulder, say TOW
Gibraltar’s region IBERIA
Grammy-winning Mann AIMEE
Herbs in a cream sauce CHIVES
Highlight for M___ Callas ARIA
Hopped atop MOUNTED
Hospital section WARD
Huascaran National Park nation PERU
Jackpot numbers SEVENS
Judge on a baseball field AARON
Lacking in color PALLID
Lapidarist’s interest JEWELRY
Leprechaun on a cereal box LUCKY
Clues Answers
Like neon, among periodic table elements TENTH
Like P.G. Wodehouse’s humor WRY
Members of the Legion of Doom, to members of the Justice League ENEMIES
New tech start-up? REBOOT
No longer working in the private sector? EXARMY
Note written by a shy person? IOU
Odd and then some OUTRE
Omitting EXCEPT
Part of a mime costume, perhaps BERET
Person whose tenets include the Three Treasures TAOIST
Phrase from someone contributing pot money IRAISE
Presents a yellow card to, e.g WARNS
Puerto Rican port PONCE
Put into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin, say SORTED
Reaction during a food coma, perhaps BURP
Recurring element MOTIF
Reid of ‘Van Wilder’ TARA
Repeated musical passage VAMP
Reproduces, in a way PRINTS
Responded insolently to SASSED
Revolutionary trained as a physician, familiarly CHE
Rides by the red carpet LIMOS
Rock smash, say HIT
Saab who serves as a judge on ‘Project Runway Middle East’ ELIE
Sapporo noodle variety RAMEN
Sculpting material ICE
See 105 Across LOTT
Senator Ron WYDEN
Serial numbers? RATINGS
Sin depicted in the second circle of Hell, in Dante’s ‘Inferno’ LUST
Sites for springs SPAS
Skateboarding injuries SCRAPES
Solo of space opera HAN
Sound of a natural explosion ACHOO
Sources of log cabin logs ELMS
Steamroll RUNOVER
Sterilant’s targets GERMS
Subject of a teen conversation, perhaps CRUSH
Subjects of Qaboos bin Said OMANIS
Substances dispensed by atomizers AEROSOLS
They took some Hobbits to Isengard ENTS
Those in a certain long-distance relationship PENPALS
Tonsil ailment STREP
Top of some tax forms LINEA
Tour listings STOPS
Treat with pecans PRALINE
Tube top’s lack STRAPS
Tweetstorm, e.g RANT
Unspecific descriptor SUCHANDSUCH
Verizon store phone number, e.g.? PRICE
Violet relative MAUVE
Violet relative PANSY
Waffle, so to speak WAVER
Waterfall-jumping fish SALMON
We ___ Scientists (rock duo) ARE
Weekly banes for Garfield MONDAYS
Welcome sights in the middle of nowhere OASES
With 95 Down, former senator who wrote ‘Herding Cats: A Life in Politics’ TRENT
With fervency EAGERLY
Withdraws gradually WEANS
Writer who wrote, ‘A written word is the choicest of relics’ THOREAU
___ Blonsky (alter ego of Marvel’s Abomination) EMIL
___ pedal (guitarist’s item) WAHWAH