The Washington Post Sunday – Jun 10 2018

Clues Answers
’20/20′ presenter ABCNEWS
‘Big Little Lies’ author Moriarty LIANE
‘Chopped’ container POT
‘Eight Cousins’ writer ___ May Alcott LOUISA
‘Finito!’ DONE
‘Have some of this pie’ EAT
‘How terrifying!’ HORRORS
‘Let us proceed’ ONWARD
‘My turn!’ IMUP
‘Ogives’ composer Erik SATIE
‘omg i’m dying!’ LOL
‘Stunning!’ SOHOT
‘Switchez’ rapper EAZYE
‘That smarts!’ YOW
‘There you have it!’ TADA
‘Therefore …’ ANDSO
‘___ we?’ SHALL
*’Being attractive and charismatic is terrible’? GLAMOURSUCKS
*Angry love god? MADCUPID
*Bugs while he’s in outer space? STARBUNNY
*Cash carried by some branch? MONEYONALIMB
*Command to director Marshall to get lost? OUTPENNY
*Cooling one’s own body, in a way? SELFFANNING
*Extremely so-so? OKASHELL
*Hero who can travel back to the past? TIMEGIRL
*Hubris shown by ‘Kill Bill’ assassin Driver? ELLEPRIDE
*Philandering flounder, say? PLAYBOYFISH
Accomplice of Brutus CASCA
Acknowledge silently NODTO
Actor Buddy EBSEN
Addams cousin with shades and a hat ITT
Air channels seen in a tense ‘Alien’ scene DUCTS
Ancient treasure, maybe RELIC
Angel dust, briefly PCP
Apt name for a florist IRIS
Apt rhyme of ‘chop’ LOP
Assortment of beer or bar food, say SAMPLER
Auto financing inits APR
Auto that can fit in tight parking spaces MINICAR
Bit of funding for a small business MICROLOAN
Blanche DuBois’s younger sister STELLA
Bottle of Budweiser, e.g LAGER
Bustle ADO
Busy restaurant noise DIN
Cafeteria object TRAY
Character on a ‘bogus journey’ in a 1991 film TED
Choir’s platform RISER
Coffee froth CREMA
D.C. collegian HOYA
Developer of the arcade game ‘Crystal Castles’ ATARI
Doolittle in ‘Pygmalion’ ELIZA
Door frame part JAMB
Earth’s orbit, e.g ELLIPSE
Edible wheel EDAM
Egyptian reptile ASP
Energy company based in New York City CONEDISON
Erik the ‘opera ghost,’ by another name PHANTOM
Evaluate, as ore ASSAY
Eve of ‘Grease’ films ARDEN
Exam for jrs PSAT
Far from swanky SEEDY
Festive tune NOEL
Filtration sites KIDNEYS
Food distribution giant SYSCO
Franklin’s request RESPECT
Got into, as a website ACCESSED
Greek symbol for the significance level in statistical tests ALPHA
Guide a bobsled, say STEER
He was always getting put in handcuffs HOUDINI
In accordance with ASPER
Clues Answers
Ingredient in some Stonyfield yogurts SOY
Instrument for which Mr. Lies in ‘Angels in America’ said, ‘If the duck was a songbird it would sing like this’ OBOE
It has its benefits JOB
It’s read while driving SIGN
J.A. ___, former columnist and panelist on ESPN’s ‘Around the Horn’ ADANDE
Jane Goodall subject APE
Jay’s or Ray’s chance ATBAT
Lassoing locale RODEO
Le Mans man’s refusal NON
Level of authority ECHELON
Like a crook BENT
Like the humor of some limericks CRUDE
Loosened, as sneakers UNLACED
Low euchre cards NINES
Maintains, as a ruling UPHOLDS
Mark just below 90 BPLUS
Meds checker, briefly FDA
Minus LESS
Mistaken INERROR
Mr. ___ (‘Three’s Company’ landlord) ROPER
Mufasa, to Simba DAD
Mule’s parent ASS
Needed Aleve, say ACHED
Object of loathing ANATHEMA
Office period TERM
One giving no quarter? MISER
One who needs to mind his own business, to put it lightly OGLER
Org. developing many encryption systems NSA
Palindromic flatbread NAAN
Passing pieces, briefly OBITS
Passports, SSNs, etc IDS
Perfect example PARAGON
Picnic nuisance GNAT
Quick inspection GLANCE
Reddit posters, e.g USERS
Related to big vibrations SEISMIC
Relative of a gull TERN
Reply at the door ITSME
Rhinitis diagnoser, briefly ENT
Rubber ring TIRE
Say ‘hey’ to, say GREET
Scientific Bill NYE
See 97 Across KNOW
Show emotion, in a way CRY
Simian pal of Aladdin ABU
Slangy portmanteau for one obsessed with Stephenie Meyer’s vampire novel series TWIHARD
Solar panel component DIODE
Some church readings LITANIES
Sorcerer MAGUS
Sow’s chow SLOP
Squalid MANGY
State bordering Arizona SONORA
Stitch’s animated pal LILO
Stone figure seen in Boca Raton? CARAT
Subway alternative BUS
Swallows’ homes NESTS
Tablet that may have an Apple A9 processor IPAD
Target for Dan Marino END
Theatrical awards for ‘Describe the Night’ and ‘Underground Railroad Game’ OBIES
Theatrical constructions SETS
Third Greek vowel ETA
Thus far ASYET
Tina who co-created ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ FEY
Tiny bit of algae DIATOM
Traveling caller REF
Turing of the Turing test ALAN
Victorious shout heard at Wrigley Field CUBSWIN
With 52 Down, ‘Come to think of it …’ YOU
WWII-era U.S. naval carrier named after a Normandy town STLO
Zoroastrian leader? ZEE
___ brief (legal filing) AMICUS
___ grigio (white wine) PINOT

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