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The Washington Post Sunday – Jun 17 2018

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Clues Answers
’28 Days Later’ director Danny BOYLE
‘Do it at once!’ NOW
‘Hell ___ no fury …’ HATH
‘Here’s Lucy’ actor ___ Arnaz Jr DESI
‘I’m a midnight ___’ (lyric from the Steve Miller Band) TOKER
‘I’m Coming Out’ singer Diana ROSS
‘Rock and Roll Never Forgets’ rocker Bob SEGER
‘So you were also involved in this traitorous plot?’ ETTU
‘Space Chronicles: Facing the Ultimate Frontier’ author Neil deGrasse ___ TYSON
‘Space mutt’ in the early 1980s cartoon ‘Space Stars’ ASTRO
‘Speed’ device BOMB
‘Ten Thousand Saints’ actor Butterfield ASA
‘The Black Cat’ writer POE
‘The Book of Eli’ actress Kunis MILA
‘Too loud!’ SHH
‘Yay, team!’ RAH
‘You left me no choice!’ IHADTO
1960s singer Sands EVIE
1971 Bruce Lee movie featuring a drug-smuggling crime lord THEBIGBOSS
A given in school, e.g GRADE
Abstain from FORGO
Accessory for a mayor with ‘Mayor’ printed on it, stereotypically SASH
Accumulation of rubbish REFUSEHEAP
Adams who took many landscape shots ANSEL
Android array ICONS
Athlete competing at Maryland Stadium, briefly TERP
Behavioral pattern HABIT
Business letters MEMOS
Capital building? ARENA
Carpenter’s fastener BOLT
Carrying a burden LADEN
Childish rejoinder ARESO
Classical opening? NEO
Colloquium groups PANELS
Comedic Silverman SARAH
Comes about ARISES
Crystal twirled by the Goblin King in ‘Labyrinth,’ e.g ORB
Cutting sound SNIP
Decided on OPTEDFOR
Defeat easily DRUB
Demean ABASE
Dummy Mortimer SNERD
Egyptian deity with the head of an ibis THOTH
Electrical device often brought abroad ADAPTER
Escape successfully EVADE
Fall back, as the tide EBB
Fan club member ADMIRER
Free from disturbance SERENE
General of takeout TSO
Gives someone a shot, say DOSES
God in the Trimurti VISHNU
H&R Block party CPA
H.S. class that covers anatomy SEXED
Hairdo that may be maintained with wax, familiarly DREADS
Happens upon FINDS
Hieroglyphics serpent ASP
Hitchhiker’s request LIFT
Honorary president of the Girl Scouts from 1945 to 1953 BESSTRUMAN
Hot tub spouts JETS
How some pranks are performed ONABET
Implement with ink PEN
Informal term for decompression sickness, or a 1995 Radiohead album THEBENDS
Is better than all other competitors, price-wise CANTBEBEAT
Kagan on the bench ELENA
Knock off CEASE
Lexicography subject USAGE
LGBT Project org ACLU
Clues Answers
Like January weather in Chicago NIPPY
Like many tiger lilies ORANGE
Like puffins AVIAN
Like rush job deliveries RAPID
Lois Lane portrayer Durance ERICA
Magazine that featured ‘Black Panther’ star Danai Gurira on its June 2018 cover EBONY
Makes an effort TRIES
Maracana Stadium city RIO
May in the U.K THERESA
Milhouse, to Bart BESTFRIEND
Mineral ___ OIL
Mini elevator? JACK
Mischievous rascal IMP
Miss Scarlett of film OHARA
Moral code ETHIC
Move up in life? AGE
North American fiber-bearing plant that may be mistaken for an Asian form of cannabis INDIANHEMP
Number for Pavarotti ARIA
Off-kilter ASKEW
One-named singer of ‘The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s in His Kiss)’ CHER
Online gaming image AVATAR
Opening credits sequence INTRO
Osaka Bay city KOBE
Over-exercise reminder ACHE
Over-the-moon feeling ECSTASY
Pale-faced WAN
Passageway in Panama CANAL
Pat presenting Prize Puzzles to people SAJAK
Pigeon’s murmur COO
Pilot’s guess, briefly ETA
Poem of great acclaim ODE
Portray sadness, say EMOTE
R&B singer Lennox ARI
Reagan’s attorney general Edwin MEESE
Really moved DASHED
Reason why some move up the corporate ladder NEPOTISM
Reason why some move up the corporate ladder HARDWORK
Reproductive cells OVA
See 115 Down SPADE
Shade of Uranus CYAN
She-Ra’s twin brother HEMAN
Short-term job provider TEMPAGENCY
Shutter piece SLAT
Sleeve tattoo site ARM
Soccer legend Hamm MIA
Soda shop orders MALTS
Sound in a cavern ECHO
Speedily, to the Bard APACE
Spider’s silken pouch EGGSAC
Spurs coach Popovich GREGG
Star sign for people who are all ‘extremely friendly and intelligent (except for you),’ per Weird Al’s ‘Your Horoscope for Today’ VIRGO
Sunstone and moonstone, e.g GEMS
Sweeney Todd’s offering SHAVE
Targets of ointments SORES
Thermocouple in a gas furnace, e.g HEATSENSOR
Title for Ian McKellen SIR
Tragic figure of a Sophocles play AJAX
Trojan hero betrothed to Lavinia, in Ursula K. Le Guin’s book ‘Lavinia’ AENEAS
Unit in a certain bottle PILL
Utterly ludicrous INANE
Vessel treated during angioplasty, at times AORTA
Viola knob PEG
With 115 Across, character searching for a black falcon SAM
WNBA star Jewell ___ LOYD
Woodcutter in one of Scheherazade’s tales ALIBABA
World of Warcraft characters with restorative abilities HEALERS
Wound up during a discus throw SPUN
___ over the coals (scolded) RAKED