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The Washington Post Sunday – Jun 24 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Already heard the alarm, thanks’ IMUP
‘Blackfish’ mammal ORCA
‘Eek!’ elicitor RAT
‘I’m in awe!’ OOH
‘Immediately!’ PRONTO
‘Metropolis’ painter Dix OTTO
‘Michael’ director Nora EPHRON
‘That’s How Heartaches Are Made’ soul singer BABYWASHINGTON
‘The Drop’ composer ENO
‘The Terminator’ actress LINDAHAMILTON
‘To infinity and ___!’ (‘Toy Story’ phrase) BEYOND
‘Treasure Island’ narrator JIM
‘Why are you bothering me yet again?’ WHATNOW
‘___ Lisa Overdrive’ (1988 sci-fi novel) MONA
3rd-century Fr. bishop and patron of Paris STDENIS
Adidas alternative AVIA
Aircraft carriers? LUGGAGE
All-purpose conjunction ANDOR
Approvals OKS
Artemis launcher NASA
Assert assertively AVER
At full speed, archaically AMAIN
Attached, as patches SEWNON
Bash in a CNN studio DANA
Berry in many Sambazon products ACAI
Big burden ONUS
Bill who once danced to ‘Weird Science’ on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ NYE
Block party game? JENGA
Body of politics SENATE
Book reports? AUDITS
Buccaneer’s beverage GROG
Calligrapher’s fluids INKS
Catch some waves? LISTEN
Chairman Meow or Fidel Catstro, e.g PUN
Checks’ numbers TOTALS
Chess legend Karpov ANATOLY
Classic role for Ingrid ILSA
Comedian Kirkman JEN
Company that merged with DuPont in 2017 DOW
Completely cockamamie ASININE
Cozy lodging INN
Curling iron brand CONAIR
Custodian’s cleaner MOP
Dances with dips TANGOS
Deep spaces ABYSSES
Depend (on) RELY
Disorderly stacks HEAPS
Drops on a field DEW
Elves’ weapons in Middle-earth Longbows
English digit seen in this clue number ONE
Enter ‘key,’ say TYPE
Entertaining Carson or Tyne DALY
Environmental prefix ECO
First woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ARETHAFRANKLIN
Former New York Times theater critic with a Pulitzer Prize MARGOJEFFERSON
Fortnight’s 14 DAYS
Founder of a luxury skin-care company ELIZABETHGRANT
From Kyrgyzstan, say ASIAN
Ghostly glows AURAS
Giant with 511 homers OTT
Gillette brand ATRA
Go from E to F, in a way GASUP
Inside info? MRI
Invite out for ASKTO
Jazz singer who wrote songs inspired by the civil rights movement ABBEYLINCOLN
John of ‘Blockers’ CENA
King and queen’s source of amusement FOOL
Kool stuff ASH
Korben Dallas’s vehicle in ‘The Fifth Element’ CAB
Laced item, often SHOE
Lands at O’Hare, say ARRIVES
Language spread by the Ministry of Truth in ‘1984’ NEWSPEAK
Clues Answers
Las Vegas’s WNBA team ACES
Lighthouse light BEACON
Like a lose-lose situation NOWIN
Like some chocolate DARK
Like some contracts ORAL
Like the NFL’s best QB ALLPRO
Like tuna in some rolls RAW
List of publishing flubs ERRATA
Make nice and tidy NEATEN
Many HP products PCS
Matched, as a competitor RIVALED
Moves at a brisk pace TROTS
Mr. T’s TV crew ATEAM
Name that’s a homophone of 39 Down OREL
NBA star ___-Anthony Towns KARL
One who rejoiced after the 2016 World Series CUBSFAN
Orioles great Ripken CAL
Person to be paid PIPER
Picture of Peter Pan or Pinocchio, e.g CEL
Plumbing problems CLOGS
Pointed features of Gothic-style buildings ARCHES
Portrait artist Alice NEEL
Prison abolition advocate Davis ANGELA
Pungent bit of a salad RADISH
Racers on snowy hills SLEDS
Received GOT
Recipient of the Icon Award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards JANETJACKSON
Recite sans inflection INTONE
Recuperation location SPA
Reproductive Freedom Project org ACLU
River embankment LEVEE
Runner-up in 1996 BOBDOLE
Scented substance ODORANT
Security at a university TENURE
Sentimental fondness SOFTSPOT
Shanghai-born NBA Hall of Famer YAO
Shrill bark YELP
Shrill, as trumpet calls CLARION
Sign for a clairvoyant OMEN
Silver Legacy Resort Casino locale RENO
Skater Midori ITO
Small discrete units of energy QUANTA
Spanish digit seen in this clue number UNO
Spewed a la Vesuvius ERUPTED
Storied loch NESS
Summit figure LEADER
Takes the greyhound home, say ADOPTS
Telescope opening APERTURE
Tequila brand with a bull and matador on its label ELTORO
The Promise Ring genre EMO
Trending thing FAD
Twice-a-month tide NEAP
Unconventional OUTRE
Vague recipe amount DASH
Vice writer Peyser EVE
Wave to, say GREET
When a rooster crows DAWN
Where to make a pit stop in California? LABREA
William of ___ (friar with a famous razor) OCCAM
Wizards’ workplaces ARENAS
Woolly beast LLAMA
Woolly beast EWE
Word-loving Webster NOAH
Wry writer Bombeck ERMA
YouTube annoyance LAG
Zombie film feature GORE
___ code PROMO
___ journalism GONZO
___ ring TOE