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The Washington Post Sunday – Jun 3 2018

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Clues Answers
‘#41’ singer Matthews DAVE
‘Family Affair’ singer BLIGE
‘Funeral Blues’ poet AUDEN
‘High Voltage’ rockers ACDC
‘I ain’t interested’ NAH
‘I want some Friskies!’ MEW
‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ rock opera character whose nemesis is the ‘champion of the sun’ NIGHTMAN
‘Lovely to see you, dahling!’ MWAH
‘Mugs’ of mug shots FACES
‘Multiplicity’ characters CLONES
‘This doesn’t look good!’ OHDEAR
‘This looks good!’ OOH
‘Très ___!’ BIEN
1980s prime minister or, with an acquired taste, ‘There’s the ‘Believe’ singer whom we both know and love’? THATSOURCHER
1986 music memoir ITINA
1995 thriller about cybersecurity THENET
1L’s course TORTS
2014 Winter Games city SOCHI
Action puzzle game featuring a Nintendo character as a physician DRMARIO
Become visible EMERGE
Bested, as a hot dog contest competitor OUTATE
Beyond the ___ PALE
Bird in hieroglyphics IBIS
Bit of sand or, with an acquired taste, ‘Seize Gomez’s hairy cousin, Ms. Brockovich!’? GRABITTERIN
Boardwalk attachment PIER
Boba ___ (bounty hunter of sci-fi) FETT
Bother continually HARASS
Boxing strike or, with an acquired taste, groaners that you and I carve in stone? PUNSWEETCH
Bushy hairstyle, briefly FRO
Cake number AGE
Carbon ___ TAX
Castle in chess, e.g MOVE
Cattle identifier EARTAG
Charity race, e.g FUNRUN
Chorale voices ALTOS
Classic disco letters YMCA
Co. name ender INC
Comedic trio leader MOE
Completely captivated RAPT
Copy writers? STENOS
Corrida beast TORO
Curse word? HEX
Curved construction ARCH
Defensive football tactic whose two words are offensive football tactics PASSRUSH
Defunct wireless service provider ALLTEL
Dermatology concern ACNE
Director Craven WES
Disaccustom gradually WEAN
Drug-testing studies TRIALS
Edelman who directed ‘O.J.: Made in America’ EZRA
Elevator name OTIS
Emulate a hungry pug BEG
Emulate an angry pug YAP
Enjoys a podcast, say LISTENS
Eric of ‘Munich’ BANA
Ernie with clubs ELS
Euphrates valley nation SYRIA
Feature of ecclesiastical architecture APSE
Fewer than few NONE
Fiesta item TOSTADA
Fill beyond full SATIATE
Former U.S. attorney general Loretta LYNCH
From a distance REMOTELY
Future ENT’s exam MCAT
Garbage collection sites DUMPS
Generic name for a crime boss MRBIG
Gig segments SETS
Great pleasure DELIGHT
Group of Bird’s, once CELTICS
Group-wide option in an email program REPLYALL
Harry’s partner in crime in ‘Home Alone’ MARV

Clues Answers
Hemlock feature TOXIN
High chair user TOT
High school absentees TRUANTS
Highway marking EXIT
Hilarious joke or, with an acquired taste, ‘What’s Mr. Pacino up to these days, Mr. Perry?’ HOWSALTYLER
Homer’s cry DOH
Issuer of plates, briefly DMV
Jet setting? SEAT
Justice Kagan ELENA
Like a B&B COZY
Like Bangkok’s Grand Palace ORNATE
Locker? KEY
Loses traction SKIDS
Makes the grade CUTSIT
Malia’s younger sister SASHA
Many an Erbil resident KURD
Marital practice banned in the U.S. in 1862 BIGAMY
Match game? UNO
Meet event DASH
NBA great promoting Shaq Attaq shoes ONEAL
Neon ___ (fish) TETRA
NHL divisions PERIODS
Omar of ‘Resurrection’ EPPS
One receiving medical care at home SHUTIN
Operatic tenor Enrico CARUSO
Output of some natural explosions LAVA
Pantheon material CONCRETE
Paperless tests ORALS
PhD hopeful’s hurdle GRE
Physicist André-Marie AMPERE
Pieta figure or, with an acquired taste, cellist Yo-Yo sunk his teeth into director Gilliam? MABITTERRY
Pluto creator Disney WALT
Porterhouse in a steakhouse, e.g ENTREE
Portion or, with an acquired taste, a puzzle clue for BAKERY? PIESOURCE
Post production? OPED
Primatology subjects APES
Puts on the small screen AIRS
Ravi Shankar offerings RAGAS
Rubylike gem SPINEL
Rwandan people HUTU
Schedule abbr TBA
Screenwriter and co-producer of ‘The Wire’ EDBURNS
Scruff or, with an acquired taste, twangy-sounding sort of personality? NASALTYPE
Sedan’s capacity or, with an acquired taste, astronomer Sagan’s teeny amphibious pet? CARLSWEETOAD
Site of 1965 marches SELMA
Sitter’s charges TYKES
Skip or, with an acquired taste, compadre posting on a message board? FORUMAMIGO
Some city tour vehicles SEGWAYS
Some firearms in the video game ‘Far Cry 2’ UZIS
Specialty for many college acting groups IMPROV
Standings stats WINS
Stimpy’s toon pal REN
Stupefy DAZE
Sushi bar selection TUNAROLL
Teen movie motif ANGST
Thanksgiving meat HAM
The Leader, to the Hulk ENEMY
Throws on the floor? RUGS
Ties with wide wings ASCOTS
Timothy of ‘Taps’ HUTTON
TLC host Davis PAIGE
Tycoon’s deg., maybe MBA
Unexpected troubles SNAGS
Vestige or, with an acquired taste, pests that treat people with emotional distress? TRAUMAMICE
Watery ditch MOAT
Whatever quantity ANY
Wide of the mark ERRANT
Winter Games event SLALOM
Wooden strip SLAT
___ court (1L’s event) MOOT
___ mignon FILET
___ out (discuss) HASH