The Washington Post Sunday – Mar 11 2018

Clues Answers
‘Forgot About ___’ (2000 rap hit) DRE
‘Golden’ shape in mathematics SPIRAL
‘Hot’ fad of the 1970s PANTS
‘Law & Order’ spinoff, for short SVU
‘Ludovisi ___’ (sculpture of Mars) ARES
‘My Way’ lyricist ANKA
‘Oh, is that so?’ AMI
‘Quick, in the closet!’ HIDE
‘Someone I know wants to know (and that someone is me)’ ASKINGFORAFRIEND
‘That’s wrong’ NOPE
‘The Family Reunion’ playwright ELIOT
‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ Oscar winner James CAGNEY
‘___ let the beetle, ___ the death-moth be / Your mournful Psyche’: Keats NOR
10 Down’s 10 Down, say LOGO
1974 CIA spoof SPYS
Afternoon event platter TEATRAY
Alternative to a Swiffer WetJet SPONGEMOP
Animal who becomes a kung fu master in an animated film franchise PANDA
Anticipate AWAIT
Apt nickname of Sam Rothstein in ‘Casino’ ACE
Area at the bottom of a certain window STATUSBAR
Band chasing bandits POSSE
Being created from light, in Islamic faith ANGEL
Big growth for Marx BEARD
Bouncy sound effect BOING
Breadstick tidbits, at times SESAMESEEDS
Business-supplies retailer involved in a 2013 merger OFFICEMAX
Captured TOOK
Carousel objects BAGS
Ceremonial affirmation IDO
Certain family VIPs DONS
Chalcopyrite and others ORES
Check instruction ENDORSEHERE
Chef Ina who hosts ‘Barefoot Contessa’ GARTEN
Combustible structures PYRES
Comedic contemporary of Jean de La Fontaine MOLIERE
Composition of Yosemite’s Half Dome GRANITE
Construction units BEAMS
Control group? BOARD
Counselor born in 2336 TROI
Critiques like a chef? PANS
Cronies PALS
Crooner Damone VIC
Cross-country event, perhaps SKIRACE
Cutting-edge MODERN
Declutter NEATEN
Demond’s co-star in a 1970s sitcom REDD
Dentist’s instruction BITE
Depression used for drainage DITCH
Director Lee DANIELS
Display EVINCE
Dissertation feature RESEARCH
Documents listing the prices for printed pitches in a newspaper RATECARDS
Draw forth EVOKE
Eagles coach? SCOUTLEADER
Eject with force SPEW
Emerge ARISE
Enterprise setting SPACE
Equine noises BRAYS
Essential ___ Energy (Optimum Nutrition dietary supplement) AMINO
Exhaust emission SMOKE
Eye spot? FACE
Fire-___ (some sideshow performers) EATERS
First athlete to be depicted on a Wheaties box (in 1934) GEHRIG
Flippant PERT
From Rishon LeZion, say ISRAELI
Clues Answers
General areas? WARZONES
Gere title role of 2000 DRT
Gluck’s title character who sings ‘Che farò senza Euridice?’ ORFEO
Graphic displaying OK USMAP
Hair extension WEAVE
Have a scuffle GOATIT
Hieroglyphics symbol ASP
Hit Bette Midler song that compares love to a river, a razor, a hunger and (most important) a flower THEROSE
Honorific before Bear, Fox or Rabbit BRER
Hoodwinks DUPES
Horror film weapon CHAINSAW
Hound NAG
In the thick of AMIDST
Incited ROUSED
Infomercial phrase ONSALENOW
It’s mentioned 12 times in a Christmas carol PEARTREE
Lacking expressiveness MONOTONE
Light Cordoba courses TAPAS
Like 8675309, say PRIME
Like Ant-Man, at times TINY
Like some short ribs BRAISED
Make precious ENDEAR
Make pretty ADORN
Making like APING
Miner character of a 1937 film DOC
More likely to slack off LAZIER
Most prolix WORDIEST
Night rider of fiction HEADLESSHORSEMAN
No. 1 hit whose lyric ‘This’ll be the day that I die’ was turned into ‘Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi’ by Weird Al AMERICANPIE
Nominee lists SLATES
Not on time for LATETO
Note below an F, maybe SEEME
One of an old TV couple DESI
Oxen, to each other YOKEMATES
Pacific yellowfin tuna AHI
Party refreshment SODA
Period of one’s youth TENDERAGE
Person cured in the Book of Matthew LEPER
Phone camera option FLASH
Pop quintet singer with a fashionable nickname POSHSPICE
Quick trip HOP
Removed, as a coat SHED
Represent, in a way PORTRAY
Requiem, e.g MASS
Rock bottom NADIR
Rutherford or Hayes, e.g BESTSUPPORTINGACTRESS
Seized, as territory ANNEXED
Short spot before a longer spot TEASERAD
Sinister sign, perhaps OMEN
Sirius Black, after his time in Azkaban ESCAPEE
Small brawl SCRAP
Sound of an object falling into a sound PLOP
St. Peter’s masterpiece PIETA
Stage backdrops SCRIMS
Take pains? ACHE
Term for a person with ‘hyperempathy,’ in Octavia E. Butler books SHARER
Thorough medical examination WORKUP
Tony-winning musical whose main characters are named Guy and Girl ONCE
Top choice, in slang FAVE
Truck capacity units TONS
Walmart rival TARGET
WHO member? HEALTH
___ name PEN

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