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The Washington Post Sunday – May 19 2019

Published in The Washington Post Sunday Crossword. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
’50s politico Stevenson ADLAI
‘A ___ Good Men’ FEW
‘Beauty and the Beast’ beauty whose name is French for ‘beautiful’ BELLE
‘Check this out!’ LOOK
‘Correct’ YES
‘Do called a ‘natural’ FRO
‘EarthBound’ hero NESS
‘Eureka!’ AHA
‘Guitar Man’ singer ELVIS
‘In that case …’ IFTRUE
‘In ___ respects …’ SOME
‘Othello’ lieutenant CASSIO
‘That clears it up’ ISEE
‘That’s repulsive!’ UGH
‘___ go bragh!’ ERIN
2001 biopic of a boxer ALI
Activity with many events, or a description of the circled words in 107 Across TRACKANDFIELD
Actor Grint or media executive Murdoch RUPERT
Aid for unbinding documents STAPLEREMOVER
Attraction LURE
Band at a luau LEI
Barely balance atop TEETERON
Big deal ADO
Borden mascot ELSIE
Cat’s rumble PURR
Chain with Moons Over My Hammy sandwiches DENNYS
Chem major’s expense LABFEE
Chillax LOLL
Classic cars REOS
Clatter DIN
Clinic figure, briefly DOC
Colts legend Johnny UNITAS
Completely exhausted SPENT
Composer Kurt WEILL
Cosmic body STAR
Course of action that affects urban planning HOUSINGPOLICY
Crony PAL
Dicey, or a description of the circled words in 90 Across TOUCHANDGO
Diner-reviewing site YELP
Disappearing sea ARAL
Edge for a pool player RAIL
Elite squad ATEAM
Emmy-winning sportscaster John MADDEN
English assignment ESSAY
Epic with a chariot race BENHUR
Establishment battler REBEL
Etching solution ACID
European ___ (tree) ASH
Expecting DUEFOR
Exploding 50 Across NOVA
Feel remorse about RUE
Fellows GENTS
Firefighting tool HOSE
Flower spot BED
Former ESPN analyst John KRUK
Gerbil, e.g PET
Gets upset on stage, say EMOTES
Grant of ‘Charade’ CARY
Gratuity rule at some restaurants NOTIPS
Guesses STABS
Hatcher with lines TERI
Have the helm STEER
Holm of ‘Alien’ IAN
Hope that one can SEEKTO
Immensely long span EON
In the manner of ALA
Income after deductions NET
Kilmer of ‘Top Secret!’ VAL
Kindergarten exercise, or a description of the circled words in 31 Across SHOWANDTELL
Labour leader Jeremy CORBYN
Lambaste RIP
Lens-cleaning brand RENU
Letter before lambda KAPPA
Levy on out-of-state purchases USETAX
Like one vacillating between two extremes, or a description of the circled words in 53 Across HOTANDCOLD
Long-necked bird EGRET
Man found in the vicinity? VIC
Metal treat container COOKIETIN
Mishandles, as punts MUFFS
Model Holliday TESS
Mysterious quality AURA
Mystery novelist Lippman LAURA
Not as much LESSSO
One examining clues SLEUTH
Organs with lobes EARS
Paid for hand delivery? ANTED
Paranormal power, briefly ESP
Part of a lawn mower BLADE
PC key near Ctrl ALT
Piano producer YAMAHA
Pizzeria offering PIE
Played in a pickup game, say SHOTHOOPS
Pony’s enclosure STALL
Pooch found in panels ODIE
Potential law BILL
Prefix with thermal GEO
Process that can involve positron emission BETADECAY
Pupil setting IRIS
Rehm once on NPR DIANE
Reply at a revival AMEN
Resort island near Java BALI
Rogaine user’s goal HAIRRESTORATION
Rugby formation SCRUM
Safe spaces? BASES
Scale unit, perhaps OCTAVE
Scale units: Abbr LBS
Sci-fi admiral who shouted, ‘It’s a trap!’ ACKBAR
Secret repository CACHE
See 21 Down MESSI
Shampoo ingredient ALOE
Signaled surreptitiously WINKED
Singer Lana Del ___ REY
Site of a West Coast boardwalk SANTACRUZ
Slippery sea creature EEL
Sonata quartet member? TIRE
Southern U.S. locale of Space Camp HUNTSVILLEALABAMA
Spherical Halloween decorations EYEBALLS
Spinner in a generator ROTOR
Starting at ASOF
Stefan who won Wimbledon twice EDBERG
Stick in the microwave ZAP
Surveillance grp NSA
Swerves, at sea YAWS
Taiwanese PC brand ACER
They may be obtuse ANGLES
Third word of IPA ALE
Three-part abbr. for a big U.S. financial corp BOFA
Tony winner Leslie ___ Jr ODOM
Tool for fixing locks? COMB
Triage sites, for short ERS
Troubadour’s number BALLAD
TV series with former Second City performers SNL
Underground collection ORE
What a surfer visits URL
What squirrels gather ACORNS
White blanket SNOW
With 4 Down, all-time leading goal scorer for Argentina LIONEL
Work with Ajax ILIAD
World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., e.g LEVEL
Yahoo competitor AOL
Yahoo competitor MSN
Youngster’s address KIDDO
Zinc ___ OXIDE